My character moves forward without controller

I need a little help. I recently started playing BHC, Borderlands 2 to be specific, and my character has started moving forward without any controller input. If I stop at some point in the game and put the controller down, my character will start moving forward by itself. I did a little research and it seems that the PC folks had similar problems and were able to adjust the “deadzone”. I do not see anything in the option menu that looks like it would adjust the “deadzone”. Can anybody help me out with this? At some point, I’m going to walk off a cliff or something, and it is just plain annoying to deal with>



Have you tried switching controller if you have a spare?

I tried a different controller and that fixed the problem. To be clear, the character would be still for a period of time before walking forward so I didn’t think it was a controller issue. Live and learn.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious to me.