My Community patch fixes for Salvador

Since @johnrr6 did something similar for Axton, I figured I might as well do the same thing for Salvador.

Here’s my input for future skill fixes for @shadowevil1996 in his community patch

All I need is one: preferred fix: bonus doesn’t apply on the next shot, but on all shots for a few seconds (maybe the same timer as L&L) I realize this may be unrealistic from a coding perspective, so here’s an alternative: triple the damage bonus. If the first fix is possible, this could means a lot of cool things for the COMs :smiley: If you only fix 2 things on Sal, this should be number 2 (after Juggernaut)
Money shot: I’m not even touching that thing
Rest of the tree is fine


Inconceivable: Way too strong, but don’t touch it :stuck_out_tongue:
FTTB: A bit weak, but not worth spending time to fix
Steady as she goes: Ideal fix. Make it so that it doesn’t affect Hyperion weapons. Otherwise, it’s fine
Rest of tree is fine


Hard to kill: I would say double the regen bonus, but that depends on what you intend to do with the Blood of Terra
Juggernaut: This one desperately needs a BIG buff. double the value from 4% to 8% per point…and that’s a conservative number. If you only touch one thing on Salvador, make it that one.
Ain’t got time to bleed: Again, it depends what you want to do with the Blood of Terra. Maybe just putting it on a COM would be enough.
Out of Bubblegun: make it work when you have NO shield instead of just when you have a depleted one (which would allow a couple of Brawn COMs to work with the Rough Rider)
Just got Real: Hugh… I don’t know how to fix this… If it gave bonus depending on shield + health (like Inconceivable) rather than just health, it would be great
T-Rex: No blood of Terra and no buff to AGTTB, double it. Otherwise, leave it alone.
Come at me Bro: increase the duration of the damage reduction period (from about 8 seconds to maybe double that)

I know you haven’t touched any of Sal’s COMs, maybe because no one gave you any input …I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with Sal’s COMs is that most of them are either very good already…or beyond any kind of help … still, a few changes would make a few more interesting new build possibilities

Beast: Replace just got real with Ain’t got time to bleed (Bam! instant great Brawn COM)
Renegade: Replacing AINIO with Div. Likeness or L&L makes for a much tighter pistol COM

I don’t know if you’re open to a complete redesign of a COM, but if you are, I have an idea for a neat one that could enable a completely new kind of build…all it needs to work is a COM that caters to its needs…

About the Blood of terra: I realize that for other characters, it might be fine, but 8% regen for Sal is absurd :stuck_out_tongue:
Please consider bringing it back to maybe 4%

So…there you have it :slight_smile:
My modest list of fixes for Sal, hope that helps and hope others will give some feedback too :slight_smile:


Fabulous Chuck…just what the doctor ordered. THANKS!!

Now we just need @Gulfwulf to do Krieg

@pokapokayouki01 to do Gaige…or your suggestion

@Derch to do Maya…or your suggestion

And There is a BUNCH of Zer0 guys still active…any suggestions?


Let me ping @DSs, @CoonTail, @dotanuki and @Aether_Seraph just in case

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Those names bring back some memories…LOL

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All those suggestions seem fine to me

Yep…they just have to want to do it…LOL

Been talking to Voshy…he is super excited about this.

Wonder if the YouTube crew is going to jump in.

Probably great gist for new videos…and new subscribers…LOL


Dotanuki helped me regularly when I was leveling up my Zer0 recently. I know he’s still around.

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Sup gais?

What needs doing?


Same as OP but for Zero

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We have Nova for Gaige, too. Dont know if Neff is still around, or Twister. Raptchur is a Gaige player iirc as well.

Also, there wasnt a topic about overall changes a while back?

There was, but it was aimed at Gearbox for a future official patch rather than at Shadowevil for an unofficial one.

As such, we have to take greater care in the balance of the change we ask for, as there really is no way for him to test changes as thoroughly as a game studio with testers can.

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Yeah, I think we should try to stay in that line: just small changes like range, % or the type of damage (crit A x crit B, additive x multiplicative, etc).
Also, there were a lot of gameplay fixes that could be done in the community patch.
I just linked the old topic anyway… :smile:


This sounds great as I was just telling my lil bro that I wanted to dust off BL2 and get back.

Is MOLMF still around?

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Hmm, these are really neat suggestions, I am a Sal main so I know what he needs. I just didn’t wanna touch him at all since he is already broken. But I’ll take a look at thr suggestions and determine.

Thank you for your input.

Also I’m making brawn Sal very viable. That is a goal of mine


That’s great to hear.

IMO, Sal’s regen skills are relatively fine. The problem is they are dependent on time (per second regen)

Sal doesn’t need more regen, he needs more time. That’s what the changes to Juggernaut and CaMB aim to do: they give a window of time where you take less damage, making healing skills more efficient by extension.

I think Juggernaut is the real key to Sal’s Brawn tree working right: it’s already on a few COMs, including a legendary one, all it needs is to be good.
As it is, even at 10/5 it provides less protection than just Gunzerking alone… And it’s a freaking KILL SKILL.

The 8% I suggested is a really conservative value, I don’t think 12 or 15% would be too much.

IMO, just that skill would be enough on its own to fix Brawn.

As for All I need is one, changing it to be on a timer (instead of just the 1st shot) and modifying a COM would be all that is needed to make a completely new family of builds that exploit the Gunlust tree. It wouldn’t “Fix” Sal as much as it would expand his possibilities tremendously. The synergy between autoloader, aini1 and L&L is already there, it just needs a bit of help.


Can someone catch me up to speed on this unofficial patch thing??


(That’s seraphim for “holy mother of…”)

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Would it be a big No-No to decrease healing from Moxie weapons (atleast grog) and increase healing/defensive from talents on all characters? Would make way for new fun builds for Salvador, as he would now rely more on healing/defensive talents/gear. IDK probably too much work, just thoughts anyway. :slight_smile:

Edit: Thinking about it, it might even make Salvador drop the obligatory Moxie weapon in one hand.

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Hey, go bitch at @johnrr6; he’s the one who wrote the guide. :dukejk: