My Community patch fixes for Salvador

Welcome back!

Some opportunity here I believe.

Rebalance some stuff that got…broke.

And add some variety and choice back into the game’s highest levels

And what I REALLY like about Shadow’s work is that it is a simple decision whether to run the patch…or not…on startup.

It is not an all or nothing thing. Game files are not harmed in any fashion and you can switch back and forth between patched and unpatched as easy as a 3 second decision.

I have been messing with it for a week and ZERO problems!


Hi hi hi!

Nice to see an active admin poking around poking gnarled lurk bots and mixing it up.

Feel free to harass the crap out of me as often as you like, just don’t be shy about it.

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Hey Chuck, may be a little off topic but what about this number changes? How it would actually affect damage mitigation?
See, I was thinking about doing the Gaige topic as I have one or two ideas but I always come across one skill: Made of Sterner Stuff. It gives 1% passive damage reduction for both Gaige and Deathtrap, what seems very low. But How much could be much?
My fear is not only the skill itself, but It being boosted by the COMs. While both Roboteers give little to nothing for Gaige, the Necromancer is one of her best end game COMs due to the boost variety and WDT. Making this basically pure offensive COM give Gaige more damage mitigation than it needs seems… weird.

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1% is indeed very low, I think boosting it to maybe 3% would not break the game or anything.

I would need confirmation from someone who can look at the code, but I have heard that damage resistance and damage reduction are 2 different things.

One gives a multiplicative reduction while the other is flat. (So at 100%, one reduces damage in half while the other makes you completely immune)

I have not personally tested this though.

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As far as I understand it resistance is subtractive (so damage * (1 - resistance), 100% = completely unkillable) this I think is the kind the Blockade and Rough Rider have. Reduction is a divisor (so damage / (1 + reduction)) which I think is what the Antagonist has, as well as most skills. Not certain on these, I don’t have a source this is just what I’ve gathered from random videos. Take it with a grain of salt.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I have heard too

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I was under the impression it was the other way round

Off the top of my head, Kinetic Reflection gives you 100% damage reduction to bullets at 10/5, and you are indeed completely bullet-immune for the period in which it is active.

Then again Krieg has a whole bunch of damage reduction skills which should theoretically stack up to make him completely invulnerable (which he isn’t), so its all rather confusing.

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Hm. They may not be consistent in their terminology then :-/ I’m almost certain the Blockade is the subtractive one, and it has “Damage Resistance” on the card.

You are definitely correct though, Kinetic Reflection at 10 or above does mitigate literally all bullet damage, even though it says it’s reduction not resistance. It may be that Kinetic Reflection is a different class than either resistance or reduction, since it can reach 110% and heals you. Not sure.


I agree with fixing AINIO. Before the new level caps it synergized well with L&L+MS+AL making 2 shot shotguns ridiculous. I used to rock Dual Ravagers at level 50 and just wreck face all day doing this feedback loop of limitless explosions that would make Flexington proud.

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Sorry I didn’t read the whole thread before my first comment. Yes to all of this please!!!

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@illogik420, please check the dates of previous posts before replying to an old thread.