My crappy Mayhem 3.0 wish

I would like to polish this idea with your help. What to add /remove /modify. The numbers are not set in stone, this is just a proof of concept type deal.

I was thinking of another slider bar for degrees of modifiers. But, that is a different topic.

The main goal is to have fun. Multiple ways to reach m10 (or whatever the max will be). Some players want x4 enemies with buddy system and chain gang on. Some want longer battles. Some just want to say the beat a takedown with everything on max.

I do not know, I will try to keep updating this. Or scrap it all together, depending on your feedback.

If any modders want to use this idea, just give me a nod somewhere. And let me know where to get it.

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its a bit…confusing?
but i kinda understand
i wouldnt really tie it to like, “reaching mayhem10”
just let people have different kinds of difficulty
basic mayhem level increase like mayhem 1-4, more hp, etc. for increased everything
crazy modfiers that each increase something for you: loot, cash, whatever

so meta gang will probably just head for mayhem max and fun gang will just play around with them modifiers and both will have increased drops and everything

Something like that. Many different ways to reach m10. Or… just break even in new exciting ways.

A mode quick and easy to set the exact modifiers you want. With sliding scales and/or modifier you select in an easy to use format. To play the way you want. So, you can find a lot of different ways to make the game challenging and fun.

m10 not enough of a challenge? Add a few more modifiers and/or increase enemy level and you will still have a challenge, even if the game is still capped at m10, you can still have the thrill of having a actual fight. You can create the gameplay you want to keep your interest.

And this increases the replayability of the game. Want to fight mobs that are bullet shields? Want to just try to survive against a weaker but more numerous mob of enemies with all the elements? Or any variant in between, BOOM, you got it!

just like…forget about mayhem10
weapon scaling is bad
just have modifiers and enemy multipliers and let it increase your drops
thats it