My current M4 build around seein dead cmod

is it m4 takedown ready? yes is it both bossing mobbing ready? yes

why i take augments i take. relay has much needed reload speed, nanites seems to not work a all while relay makes your reload times much lower. dopplebanger for reducing clone uptime when i don need it and exploding it for ASE guns. most of the focus lies on 130% on clone swap or 100% ase obviously duh… any dictator will keep your action skills up better than any ccc setup ever… it is ridiculous (not needed tho) fractal frags now throws a lot of nades if you want to. 2 in praemunitus because it makes hellwalker 2 shot and i love meself a hellwalker.

my clone swap dmg focused playstyle has never been stronger. in terms of raw ability i have pretty much mobbed the dlc without annointed guns but it gets stupid when you pair it up with swap guns and ase guns like recursion ( it is literally dumb)

OLD u is now very responsive and good so that is free second winds if you somehow manage to go down. basically this new com is a big dum dum stuuubid

I am still running CCC with the new com, but your set up seems interesting. I don’t have enough 130 on clone swap guns. I want to see if my current build will survive the Anvil on M4. The mod I got had 25% weapon dmg and 31% at damage, I was floored, finally rng gods were on my side.

Edit: the mod also has 24% mag size, combined with 40% mag size on relic no need for praemunitus - also ran the Anvil on M4 I won’t say it was a breeze, but it was definitely much easier even when I went up against anointed.

Even without annointments on guns, I have been destroying everything with the new com.
It is freaking amazing!

I seriously hope they only A. Change the bonus not the kill skill activation and only like down to maybe 15% if they must nerf it or B. Dont nerf it and actually make his other coms worth using (obviously preferring B here)
But that said, I havent had more fun with zane than I am now, this com is SWEET!

Why would they nerf it? It’s still not on the same level as Amara’s driver. I run both and Amara is still superior, and I have seven days invested on Zane to a little over one in my Amara and I can run circles around M4 content with her. Zane is a little tankier with the barrier, but Amara pumps out the damage and maintains the speed a lot easier than Zane.

Tl:dr Zane is finally in a good place, this mod makes several builds becoming viable. They won’t nerf it

Hearing people say things like this is kind of unnerving and something I personally don’t like about this new com. Because, well nothing has changed about Zane at all except he got a new com. So yeah while running this Zane is now uber strong, but overall he’s in no better of a place then before. My worry is now this will be the excuse that causes everything that’s always been wrong with him to now be ignored.

I like the new com, I like it’s strong and opens some diversity. I don’t like how it requires literally zero effort to reap all the rewards. This com single-handedly deleted all interactivity from playing Zane well. With just a SNTL out, I can now have 100% uptime on action skills and kill skills and it’s a bit silly.

I would prefer if it was like “chance to proc kill skills on critical hit”, “100% chance to proc kill skills on freeze”. Would be matching to Zane, take some effort, be equally powerful but far more rewarding.


As I stated, I hope it doesnt get nerfed, and other mods get brought to par. I just can imagine next weeks the hotfix saying “Zanes new class mod, Seein Dead, was far outperforming his other available class mods, and therefore needed toning down” though, as it is clearly leagues better than the previous ones and it would be easier to say (and do) “nerf the good one” than say “buff the bad one(s)”.
Edit: I kinda like this class mod existing as an “easy button” though for zane; I do agree it takes most of the conditions that made him the skill character away, however some are still there, and quite honestly if it was reworked to fit better with zanes “skill” cap it wouldnt involve freezing; the com is entirely in hitman with no connection to it.
Edit 2: This is yet another reason for the old mods to be redone; cold warrior, techspert, and shockerator could all be reworked to 1. Actually be good and 2. Actually serve a purpose in being LEGENDARY coms with unique effects that SHOULD augment your play style. Cold warrior in particular should be made around crits and freezes, not lowbie dots that have nothing to do with zane. As I have stated previously techspert I feel should give access to all 3 action skills, with a caveat of the one not selected primarily not having access to augments. As for shockerator, it could either build off its previous idea with larger numbers and an arcing nova instead of strictly melee, or go the route of say buffing shock damage on zane, making a class mod that effectively gives zane a shock play style.


Bigggest thing about it is that it can sorta give zane ffyl chance now

Stop it with the zero effort. You can’t just put on this com and solo the takedown in M4 or even the shaft. You still need to understand the character and the skill tree and how it all works together. Like you said Zane is still the same and he could still use some quality of life improvements.

Amara still easier to play with than him. By miles.

yes but to be fair since com is so good less people will complain about big problems zane has therefore they will be less likely to addressed. like zanes ffyl state his sntnl augments best served cold and bianry system scaling praemunitus numbers etc etc who cares when you can put recursion and dictator in zane’s hands and pretty much no effort everything with ase stuff

this com rly sounds like “jeez guys here is a piece for M4 so shut up we aint changing the character”


I have no arguments for your points. Everything that was said numerous times in various threads are still true. I guess I am happy I got some M4 love with Zane. He could definitely use some love still.

Maybe you read more into what I’m saying.

But there is zero effort required to keep action skills up all the time and kill skills as well. Like I said you can do it with just having SNTL out and 2 points in good misfortune and 4-5 in Borrowed time. Done, now I have all the rewards all the time. Sorry but that’s no effort. I show that in the topic I made yesterday doing takedown and SS with just Scourge spam.

Here’s another example. I’m pretty positive I could even get this kill to 3-4 minutes if I cut out where I wasted time. I’m not doing anything to keep everything going except just plain shooting my gun and I’m not even using fully coherent gear (not very good passives anoints on shield is wasted etc).

There’s nothing to understand. Put on com, put 2 points in GM. Pretty much done.

I’m happy he got some help too but I don’t think giving us a super op com and ignoring everything else is an amazing way to fix him. I very much hope this won’t be the case but I definitely fear it will be.

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Sorry I’m a zane newbie, but my zane is the cryo build zane (only uses him to run chupa to power level my other hunters to 50). Will the com work well with that specific build, or do I need to respec to another build? I enjoyed the freezing enemies like crazy and the barrier/drone action skills.

Just want to show another silly example of what I mean when I say ‘zero effort’.

Here you have @sammantixbb repeatedly proccing kill skills just by wearing a shield. Nothing more, just wearing a shield that has a damage effect. This could be used for 100% action skill uptime as well.


Turns out I was 1000% correct again. A lot of people imo, confused high skill ceiling designed character with badly designed character.

I correctly pointed out that, the idea of zane being a high skill ceiling character couldnt have been intentional. There is a obvious lack of reward put into his trees for all the conditions he has to jump through. High skill is supposed to equal high reward. Not weakest vault hunter. Zane required skill because players were making him work despite poor design. Not due to intentional effort by the developers.

This new mod reinforces my stance that zane was never meant to be the “character of the elite” that alot of people on forums wanted him to be. The devs just made bad trees. Simple as that.

This mod takes away all of the conditions zane had to jump through. Now why would developers make such a mod if zane is supposed to be the “conditional damage, high skill ceiling character”?:thinking:


Probably because of non-stop complaining that he was too hard and this was the easiest way to make him easy to play?

If your theory was right, then why didn’t they fix his skill trees to be rewarding without so many hoops instead of just handing us Zane’s version of a Driver com?

I don’t see it as a good thing that every other single com we have is now invalidated and the way “Zane is fixed” is by everyone running the exact same com.


I’m almost positive this COM was created before launch just like much of the DLC

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I don’t feel seeing deads overwhelming superiority to zanes other COMs is a good thing either. But his other COMs were by far the worst in the game so it doesnt mean much for seeing dead to invalidate bad COMs.


Hmm I just realized all this overpoweredness is actually most likely a bug that will be soon fixed.

So just like Amara’s Driver. It read that it boosted “weapon damage”, but was boosting everything, which they then fixed.

Well Zane’s com reads: “When Zane damages an enemy with his weapon”. The thing is currently, it’s proccing on any damage dealt with Zane. Including SNTL/Shield/Artifact damages. Not only that, it’s also proccing on self damage. So I feel like this will probably follow suit of Driver with being fixed in that respect. And if that happens, it may feel a lot more balanced.


I’ll take that fix. I’m honestly just worried they’ll adjust what a kill skill is. Fractal Frags? Sorry, not a kill skill. BSC? Not a kill skill.

I’m totally okay with changing how easily it procs off other things. That Red Suit thing was dumb af. Like? What? I literally one handed that video. I then proceeded to run around the area with COV on the way to Vaughn? And only had to fire my gun at a few armored tinks and an anointed guy. Then I started playing around with dopplebanger. Just to proc ASE. And then it was over :joy: