My current sapper com setup

I was replying in my other post about what I did for my sapper com wheb someone mentioned theres and thought I’d share my build since it’s great and I never go down or have to worry bout it and do massive damage to.

Weapon:soulrender - 125% bonus fire next 2 rounds ase must be full auto

Grenade: cloning maddening tracker dmg on throw for 6 seconds.

Shield: recharger rolled turtle on there twice +80% max shield -20%hp. Ase corrosive.

Relic: pearl from DLC 2 could also use last stand victory rush or last stand safeguard.

Com:sapper with 2-3 in MoD

Skill tree pics will be posted here everything is self explanatory but what needs explanation is why 2 points in thin redline and not the full thing well with only 40%hp missing u still have a health gate where a enemy cant down u still benefit some from desperate measures that also makes it to where tenacious defense can stay up. A recharger shield will also make it to where u will almost always have tenacious defense perm active if you are taking damage at all.
Anyway that’s my super setup uh any questions,ideas,suggestions?
Of course this can work with many guns but I like soulrender way more than I like kybs worth and feel i do more damage actually than a kybs.


I started with Amara (750hours) and moved to Zane when I saw the seein dead in action (150hours). You have inspired me to bring my moze to 57 from 50! :sunglasses:

Glad I can do so lol I also have 2 other moze builds on my YouTube if your interested in seeing them

Once I get her to 57 I might just look you up! What’s your YT called?

Look for winter soldier moze. It’s old a terror build but u can still maybe find a ammo regen shield and that weapon somewhere on trade. But soul soldier is way better imo

I plan on making a video for sapper and my new mine sweeper build later tomorrow

Dammit. I ditched all my level 50 terror gear yesterday thinking it was under levelled! Ah well, if I try your build I know the people that can re-equip me! :wink:

That’s good welp have fun lvling moze


Looks awesome! I’ve been meaning to do a SoR and BM build, if I can find a good sapper com I’ll have to try it out.

Also I know everyone LOVES their CMT, but since you aren’t running vampyr you should maybe keep an eye out for the Mitosis Hunter-Seeker since it does gun damage, and at least from my testing seems to works with sapper although you do have to at least shoot once, which obviously you are doing anyways.

Also, before you ask… I have done minimal testing with the hunter-seeker and the pearl, but it doesn’t appear to benefit from the pearl at all. I haven’t tested the red queen to see if the beam also works with sapper, but it does gun damage as well so I assume it should. I also tested the Messy Breakup shield, and it didn’t appear to benefit from sapper or the pearl.

As long as ur firing all grenades will actually give u life steal. I’d actually want a lvl 57 mirvtacualr hex shock As my dream grenade.

Without anything else that gives regen, no skills like vampyr or any for that matter, and no guardian rank.

I am healing off sapper com with hunter-seeker without shooting at an enemy, and when I test this with the CMT it definitely does not heal me… not even a little.

I tested this again, but this time I recorded it uncut from the main menu. You can also see when I first throw my hunter-seeker it doesn’t do anything either until I shoot at least once doesn’t matter where.

Yep it’s been pointed out already that particular function works just like the Green Monster.

Ok so it works for teslas and hunter seaker then my bad