My Deande clone just became a hero :D

So I had the strangest bug right now.

Was playing The Void’s Edge mission, and we got pulled into the void by Conservator. And some point during the fight in the void one of my teammates went down, and I went to resurrect him. “Wow, never saw that Deande in my team before” I thought. Only there was no other Deande in our team, and the thing I just resurrected was my holotwin that due to some wierd bug became a hero.

After the void stage was over, she ran to the previous location (where you need to use the jump pad to access the crystal to open the gate to the last area), and spent all remaining time standing there.


That is…awesome. I approve of the void creating a sentient permanent deandetwin

…As a Master of Deande I need to experience this. :sunny: