My Digi Live or Death Jake build (Just Skill looking, not guns)

I have been skill build my own jake for when I play the game which is soon as I complete the DLCs in BL2 with Gaige. What I’m trying to do is a mix of two core tree build, why my Jacks can do good DPS either alive or been killed. I have read the skill guild and I use to try to select skills that have the same or one or less start in both life and death. I know I have You have my shield skill but I’m thinking of going with a small size shield like a nova one. If that not a good idead then I might switch it out with say, On my Mark or Merger. I did put points into Free Enterprise for Money is Power for it reminds me of Gaige Anarchy skills. Take a look and tell me if you think I should move around some points in this or just remove a skill form this to put the points in somthing else. Also, witch tree should I go down first?,auto

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I would only suggest a minor change.

  1. Bolster is all or nothing. 2 points in it barely gives you any extra health, and you have Optimism so the Jacks won’t be able to use the extra health. I would just scrap bolster entirely and put those points into Take Their Freedom.
  2. I don’t know whether you’re using Optimism for damage or for utility. If you just want it to make the clones die faster, you only need one point. Put the other 4 into Delegation and Commitment (the stack timer suck, but for one point why not?),auto

As for the Shield, a cryo nova is a great choice! It freezes enemies making enemies easier to pick off, and elements on Jacks novas all play into each other very well (shock on summoning strips shields that reduce cryo, cryo nova just before death boosts explosive nova of optimism by 3X)

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Hay there. Ya I being to look over my jake character and I was think of getting the Absolute advantage skill since I get a lot of kill shot with my digi jack so I had to move things around. Just take a look and tell me if you think I made some good chosses or if there other points I could have took out from other skill to get to it?,auto

Yep me aging and I have change my build a some more. What I’m trying to do is forces with the kill skill but with a few changes like putting Marginal Benefits since I see my build had many benefits for grendas. The mean problem I’m having is what to do with the other points. When I get to what I want I have about 9 points left and I’m, having trouble decide which one should I focus on.

Take their Freedoms give me a good healing but also for my digi jack witch mean there might not die that much. Integrity seem good while Collaborate I don’t really see getting to max stacks that much before my digi jacks disappeared. Now teamwork does fit into it but between that and Take their Freedoms is what I’m having trouble. TTF give me more health when I kill someone and I don’t know this but does Leadership makes TTF activate? Thought Teamwork dose fit into the whole kill thing but I don’t know witch would do the most healing for me. Then there’s Delegation witch seem good but is it only good when it’s max out. Now as for COM’s I would most likely find the ones that affected my skills I have the most. I have a few in mind and there are Celestial Doppelganger, Accented, Entrepreneur, Hero and CEO.

Don’t worry about Take Their Freedom, you’ll be killing your Jacks mainly by moving, or by shrinking their health to nothing with Optimism. You will guarantee their death that way, so take the extra healing. Leadership does activate Take Their Freedom.

Teamwork is very good even with one or two points. With TTF, Teamwork, and Winning, you’ll have so much survivability that Delegation would be overkill. Take those points to get Sponsored By and put the rest into Collaborate. Lastly, the swap speed from High Frequency Trading has way more value than Compound Interest, so just switch those around if you feel like it.

That seem good but what about Delegation? That also would also seem to help with both survive and getting my jack killed much quicker. But would hear why you build ignores it.

You don’t need it. Your Jack’s have so much health that enemies won’t kill them often (a normal clone has over 500,000k health) and you get 25% health, 50% shield, and 10% health per second every time you move away from them. You can keep it if you want, it’s just really redundant if you have Optimism since they only live for 2 seconds anyway.