My DLC idea.. History Rewound

Ive not played the DLCs so if something i mention can’t happen because of those be nice lol. I’ve said this idea before, but I’m going into a little more detail now as well as new ideas.

My idea would revolve around a few people.

In borderlands 3 there is a mission where we go into the virtual world. However the technology is powerful enough that it can pull people from that world and bring them into ares as separate people, clones if you will.

My idea starts off with a search for Lilith, we find she has been strapped to the virtual world. When we find her we are knocked out, we awake to find are selfs strapped to the same machine. From here we play through the events of borderlands, we have Nine toes, sledge, commander Steele everything, the difference is we get more depth to the first games story, all the things cut from the first, Steele and her powers, new things ect…

When BL1 is beaten it jumps to Borderlands 2s story, but what makes this one different is we play through 2s story through the eyes of the first vault hunters, that being Lilith, Roland, mordecai, and brick. So we get to see what they were doing behind the scenes.
The major difference would be when we get to Roland’s death, Lilith the real Lilith comes out and saves Roland as she was waiting for us to get this far, which causes a fight to break out between us and Jack, and during the scuffle 3 people end up dragged back to the real world. Jack, Roland, and Maya.

Jack finding out how his plans unfolded ends up having some kind of back up plan, where he regains control of hyperion, as well as the virtual tech, in which he uses to brings people and things like willhelm, bunker, the warrior back, handsome double and of course his daughter. He obviously has the virtual world hyperion as well, becomes more powerful then he was in the second game. His soul purpose becomes to destroy the vault hunters.
Then we get a fight between the 3 sets of vault hunters and New Handsome Jack, I’d have Timothy (I’d have tim picked up sometime down the road) be the one to kill jack this time, nothing worse then seeing your own face before you die. I also forgot to mention Timothy kills the guy that traps us in the virtual world, that’s how everything and Lilith saving Roland, allows jack and the others to be brought to the real world.

After Alls said and done, the clones of Roland, Maya, and angel take off back to he world they belong, and we get that touching last goodbye to between Roland with Lilith and tiny Tina, as well as Maya with Krieg, and ava. I’d have Kriegs inner voice come out for the first time in front of others during this. Of course like jack they learned about their fates during the whole reunion I forgot to mention that happens when they get brought into are world. Once they have left the last thing we do is destroy the virtual world technology. Angel and tannis can have there own little interaction as well.

There you go that is my Borderlands 3 DLCs idea in which I call it History Rewound. What do you think.