My Doc Mercy is broken

Nevermind, sorry.

Of course as soon as I post this I kill him for the 76th time and he drops it.

Thanks guys.


Capn had obviously been farming Doc Mercy for the Infinity, and he finally got it after 76 times and just after making this thread.

I feel your pain with Doc. He’s always been extremely stingy with me on drops.

Thankfully, me and Savage Lee are bros which makes up for it.

So he was just saying that Doc Mercy is ‘broken’ because he wasn’t dropping the Infinity? Sorry but at the risk of coming off like a jerk, that doesn’t make any sense and this seems like a completely pointless thread…

I’m the opposite haha. I ran through doc mercy only about 20 times before I got to OP levels, and probably got ~10 pistols. Started counting after I killed him 25 times last night and got all the way to 76 before he finally dropped one.

Savage lee never drops ■■■■ for me. Killed him 2 times last night, got 2 UH’s