My dream BL4 start

My dream version of how BL4 should start:

Ava and Tannis walking around somewhere on Pandora. Suddenly a noise from above startles them both.

Ava looks up and:

Ava: do you hear that? what the what?

Tannis(looking up): it appears to be some sort of incoming object. Perhaps we should consider changing our location immediately?

Ava: C’mon tannis, how bad could it be?

Claptrap appears from behind…

Claptrap: Hey you two, just thought I’d check in before what appears to be a huge unexpected explosion.

Noise gets increasingly louder then BANG!!! a drop pod lands on top of Ava killing her on impact.

Drop pod slowly opens and out steps Lilith…

Close up on Lilith’s face and…

Lilith: Sup…Oh was that Ava?.. My bad.

Tannis: It would appear that nobody liked her anyways.

They all laugh hard and the game begins with whatever theme song.



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Then ava survives with phasebubble of some sort, Tormenting you all throughtout the game.

Then you wake up from your nightmare.

Sounds like most people would be happy with that. Heck, make it a post-credit scene on the Krieg DLC.

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This is exactly what I thought he was posting (at least the part about Ava’s death in the first few moments).

Honestly, they are likely to skip half a decade in time again, like they usually do. So, Ava will at least be a little older and possibly wiser. Either way I don’t see the need to kill her off.

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