My dream Mellka helix rework

This is all fantasy, obviously, but as you can imagine I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m assuming here that the venom hotfix stays with us, so that Mell’s base venom is 6 a tick. Let’s go.


Claw Lunge - now applies 10% melee attack speed buff for 4 seconds after use
Spike - unchanged
Blade Launcher - each successive blade deals 10% more damage if the previous one hits



Jugular Strike: Claw Lunge silences its target for 3 seconds.
Hobbling Spike: Spike slows target for 3 seconds.


Parting Gift: Spike leaves a pool that applies venom and deals 21 damage a second for 5 seconds.
Thrill of the Hunt: Hitting a target with venom increases Mellka’s speed by 30% for 5 seconds.
Adrenaline Rush: Meleeing a venomed target increases Mellka’s health regen by 14 a second for 4 seconds.


Air Stall: Best move in the game, baby!
Venom Contagion: When a venomed enemy dies, it explodes, spreading venom. Major enemies leave a Parting Gift pool.


Corrosive Canister: Venom now applies a 10% damage amp for 4 seconds.
Sick Shot: Increases the impact damage of venom canisters by 50%.
Explosive Canister: Canister splash damage now also deals impact damage to affected targets.


Toxic Temper: Increases venom damage to 18 per tick.
Fist of the Last Star: The final swing of Mellka’s melee combo deals +300% damage to venomed targets.
Eldrid Rhythm: Killing an envenomed enemy grants a stack of 20 health, up to 10 times. (Yes, I nerfed this one.)


Spike Burst: Increases the radius of Spike and Parting Gift by 50%.
Clawing Back: Hitting a venomed target with melee reduces the cooldown of Lunge by 0.5 seconds.


Power Spike: Increases the damage of Spike and Parting Gift by 15%.
Finishing Blow: Increases the damage of Claw Lunge by 15% if Mellka is above half health, 25% if she is below half health.


Refined Canisters: Bullets apply venom on hit. No clip increase.
Acid Bath: Standing in a Parting Gift pool increases Mellka’s health regen by +45 a second.
Mutant Grip: Mellka’s melee applies 2 seconds of Slow on a venomed target.


Desperate Lunge: Upon killing a target with Claw Lunge, Mellka resets Spike.
Feral Strike: After Claw Lunge, melee attacks do +20% more damage for 6 seconds.


Bladestorm: Blade Launcher blades bounce off environment and home in on the nearest envenomed target.
Penetrating Shot: Blade Launcher blades now penetrate targets.
All In: Blade Launcher now fires a single blade. This blade deals +25% more damage than three single blades combined. No wind-up.

It’s all an exercise in whimsy and wonder, but I had fun. :smirk:


And what would be your choice at lvl 5

Ooh, I like this

Hmm. Could make her a decent disruptor. Not likely to take it, but there’s merit

While I like this level, it is unfortunate that it broke the level 2 one skill only rule

Would this be noticeable now?

I love this


Fantastic out

Personally, I’d put each up by 5%. Feels a bit weak

This is still six damage venom, right? I feel like it makes refined canisters too weak without the clip boost

Wow. Glad it’s late game

Official late game beast

Ik this is just you dream helix, but I’m likely to be overly critical in the way that while you clearly aimed for Spike vs. Lunge and lots of utility in between, you seemed to avoid helices that both affect the same skill. Like level 4. Here it’s only 9

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I feel like the description of Venom Contagion is unnecessary. Just leave it as “the other level 3 helix” and get it out of the way.

Alternatively, call it Let’s Bounce and make it so it has the same retreat pattern as Evasive Pattern Benedict - a strong, up-and-backwards thrust of movement so that if you commit to a Claw Lunge build you aren’t completely empty on escape tools.

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I’d take the venom damage increase, but I’m kinda hoping Mell will get a base health buff too now that they’re pushing the melee concept for her.

And yeah, I realize I’d be giving up Eldrid Rhythm purely in exchange for the venom base damage I used to have pre-hotfix… but I’m working with the principle that her venom sustain and survivability were considered too effective a combination. I may not agree with that principle, but I’m working with it.

As if Mellka follows rules. :smirk:

You could always adjust it so that Thrill of the Hunt takes effect after Spike (and lasts longer), and Adrenaline Rush is a post-Spike buff (and lasts longer). I was trying to play to a general theme of “apply venom, choose your reward” mostly.

It’d need a damage boost for sure. It’s a non-scaling 14 damage or something silly right now. The idea is that you could take it instead of Parting Gift for wave clear - assuming Shepherds count for leaving pools - and thus give her the freedom to choose at level 2.

There’s gotta be at least one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably. But you can put venom up to its original level and have it apply a damage amp through this fantasy helix tree, so I didn’t want to allow OP combos.

[quote=“epicender584, post:3, topic:1554836”]
Wow. Glad it’s late game[/quote]
Needs to be player-only (sorry PVE players) or exclude Lunge, though, or else you could chain it forever on minions. hah.

Level 4 kinda counts here too, though, right? Every option affects the canister. I mean, it’s not a skill, but still :wink:

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Hi I am a competitive (PC) player who still plays Melka.

First I will respond to your suggestions, then I will add my own.

I approve, the silence in claw is balanced since she needs to risk herself in melee presence to silence someone.

Parting gift is fine as it is, Adrenaline buff is needed inded. I believe at this point thrill should be removed, is not the “mobility” type that defines Melka. I will give my suggestion later.

“Air Stall” stay where it is, I would say the “Venom Contagion” buff is fine, but to be viable it needs to have synergy with other helixes effects (higher lvls); Major enemies are Battleborn (players), Thralls and Elite bots, right?

While I love the “Sick Shot” option, I don’t feel the same for the other options, Corrosive Canister would be the best option since it has synergy with other high lvl helixes you suggested. Explosive canister feels either redundant or something that would give an incentive to play Melka the way the devs don’t want her to be played.

“Toxic Temper” is just a no, it would be the safest and best option to take on this lvl, and with the amps to damage being given already by your other options would be really strong, just no.
“First of the last star” I like it.
About “Eldrid Rhythm” I would agree only if Melka receives a noticeable health buff.

Clawing Back is a good alternate option.

I like how you moved “Finishing Blow” to this level and added a nice buff!

I would say Refined Canister needs a rework or be replaced, with your suggestion it would still be the best option after “Toxic Canister” (venom amp) and “Toxic Temper” (18 vemon tick dmg). “Acid Bath”, while a good way to give the venom pool more utility, feels to strong with those numbers. Mutant Grip seems fine since Melka has to put herself in danger (melee range).

“Feral Strike” seems great and balanced at this lvl, but “Desperate Lunge” might be OP with good Melka players, the lvl restriction is not an excuse.

If the Blades do amp damage in successful hits, then “Bladestorm” needs to be replaced, would be the best skill to take in this lvl, since it would be the easiest way to secure a kill.
I don’t see how “Penetrating Shot” would be useful, even the current “Pool Shot” sounds better than this suggestion.

IMO the way I see it Melka is a mobile character, is (was) a ranged harasser with the the venom/canisters with potential do combat close range, and yet the view of the between player and devs seems a little different.

The devs want melka to be ranged mobile harasser where her damage potential comes from melee range abilities or attack (melee claw); the player see Melka as a ranged mobile harasser where most of her damage comes from far (venom canisters), and then she can close distance fast to finish the enemy, and still escape.

I will write my suggestion having in mind that her helix options have to improve either her venom, mobility or melee presence (other than lvl 1), also have in mind that I have PC gameplay in mind, idk how these suggestions I will write would affect Console version.

Here are my suggestions:

Unchanged from your suggestions.


Unchanged from your suggestions


Parting Gift: Spike leaves a pool that applies venom and deals 21 damage a second for 5 seconds.
Spike Vault: Increases sightly Spike height and also now propels Mellka forward
Adrenaline Rush: Meleeing a venomed target increases Mellka’s health regen by 14 a second for 4 seconds.

I feel a combination of “Spike Vault” and “Lift Off!” would be better as a mobility option than Thrill of the Hunt. Just IMO.




Venomous Claw: Claw Lunge does +50 additional damage and applies venom.
Thrill of the Hunt: Hitting a target with venom increases Mellka’s speed by 30% for 5 seconds.
Sick Shot: Increases the impact damage of venom canisters by 50%.

I feel "Explosive Canister was redundant, so I replace it with “Thrill of the Hunt”.
"I felt “Corrosive Canister” had a potential to be very strong, so I replace it with a skill that has the “Blade Launcher” damage added to the normal “Claw Lunge” while applying poison, not strong by it self, but with the right synergy might become an option to be considered.


Toxic Temper: Venom damage increases the more time a foe is afflicted by venom. 1 stack per 4 seconds/4 stacks max/+3 damage venom tick per stack.
Fist of the Last Star: The final swing of Mellka’s melee combo deals +300% damage to venomed targets.
Eldrid Rhythm: Killing an envenomed enemy grants a stack of 20 health, up to 10 times. (Yes, I nerfed this one.)

Here is my version of “Toxic Temper”, I believe this version has synergy with other higher lvl helix options, and would be a good option for a Melka that would prefer to harass at distance without being too strong since it takes time to go from a nuisance to a threat.


Unchanged, but take in account how “Clawing Back” could have has synergy with Venomous Claw.




Refined Canisters: Increase reload speed by X% (15?). +10 Bullets
Acid Bath: Standing in a Parting Gift pool increases Mellka’s health regen by +15 a second per pool.
Mutant Grip: Mellka’s melee applies 2 seconds of Slow on a venomed target.

As I mentioned before, IMO “Refined Canisters” need a rework or replacement, here is my rework suggestion. With this Melka can harrass more with damage with the increased magazine or with more constant rain of canister because of the increased reload speed.
Also “Acid Bath” would be more balanced since now it would be per pool, giving this ability synergy with a lower helix and upper helix.
“Mutant Grip” is fine as it is.


Potent Toxins:Increases the duration of venom. +4 Seconds Duration
Feral Strike: After Claw Lunge, melee attacks do +20% more damage for 6 seconds.

Removed your suggested “Desperate Lunge” since, like I mentioned, it has potential to become desvatating in a experienced player (on PC at least). Re added “Potent Toxins” since now it could have synergy potential with “Toxic Temper”, “Venomous Claw”, etc.
“Feral Strike” stays the same since it already has good synergy with other helixes!


Bladestorm: Blade Launcher blades bounce off environment and home in on the nearest envenomed target.
Pool Shot: Each shot from Blade Launcher explodes on contact and leaves a Parting Gift damage pool if it hits the ground.
All In: Blade Launcher now fires a single blade. This blade deals +25% more damage than three single blades combined. No wind-up.

Since the venom amp from “Corrosive Canister” is not available anymore, I believe Bladestorm is fine with or without your buff.
I brought back “Pool Shot” and replaced your “Penetrating Shot” since “Pool” with these helixes has more potential for either damage or sustain than “Penetrating” could do.

Either way, I also love the character and felt the nerf to venom was overkill.

I hope you like my suggestions, which are to improve your suggestions!:yum:

All in fun, I hope we see the rework soon… I am still good with the current nerfed Melka, but now Ihave to play really hard and concentrate a lot when playing Melka against normal pubs than before where I only had to do that against organized teams!

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Hey, thanks for your feedback. A couple of points:

Just to be clear, this is only her pre-hotfix damage. Does this mean you think her venom damage before the hotfix was too high? I’m not sure I’d say that sacrificing Eldrid Rhythm just to get back the pre-hotfix venom damage as OP as you make it sound - she’d still be heavily weaker than she was pre-hotfix if she took this, because she’s forced to choose for the first time between extra health or her original venom damage (36 DPS).

I like the idea of a ramping DOT, but it has the issue of Parting Gift and Refined Canister being largely unimproved by this choice because they’ll continue to apply the DOT and thus will never deal the improved venom damage. Only their final application will give the ramping tick, so Refined Canisters will actually lower your venom damage over time. That would make this feel like a bit of a wasted pick if you intended to synergize with these skills (as I imagine you would.)

Pools only last five seconds, was my reasoning, and a grounded Mellka takes massive damage (seeing how everyone piles on you the moment you stop moving.) At 15 a second, a pool heals back 75 damage, which isn’t nearly enough to sustain her in melee (the idea being that Mell stands in the pool to continue meleeing, because the devs want her to be a melee character for some reason, and I don’t think their vision for this is going anywhere fast.)

Just to be clear… we PS4 Mellka mains do get tons of kills as well. It’s not just a PC thing. It was simply an oversight on my part not really thinking how this would allow for chain refreshes.

In my head, I mostly wanted it to refresh Spike to allow an alternate escape if you managed to secure the Lunge kill. I wrote this topic really late at night, though :stuck_out_tongue:

For clearing waves, AE damage in choke points, etc. But on thinking about it, the projectile is just too narrow. for it to be viable as a piercing shot still.

I still feel like Pool Shot is a bad helix because it forces you to aim at the ground (wasting blade damage) or their feet (meaning you can’t score a Blade crit, plus they’re more likely to avoid it.)


I am not objecting the damage amount, I am objecting that practically this option would be the best and make the other helixes in this level seem very inferior.

I am not understanding what you mean. Still what I mean with this option is not that the damage resets when venom is reapplied, but if you keep an enemy poisoned without any rest, then the ticks start doing more damage. Only the duration time of the venom gets restarted, the venom damage per tick shouldn’t, doesn’t matter if using venom from canister or a skill. Getting “Potent Toxins” later would make it easier to do more damage with venom. On PC is not that hard to keep someone poisoned.

Numbers are not my specialty, but I said 15 because with “Adrenaline Rush” it could be 29 regen, then players could make a health regen loadout; my current loadout gear that I use to play present nerfed Melka in PC, gives her 42 health regen ( 7 eldrid regen included). So that + 45 of your pool idea, it would make my PC Melka able to stay in the front line indefinitely! (If not bursted down by Benny or something alike).

It was not my intention to start an argument on what we play! Sorry, but still that idea is very easy to exploit for an experienced player.

If only it worked as the description says, which says that doesn’t matter were you shoot it it would make a pool in the floor under whatever it exploded.

The point is, though, that before the hotfix she used to be able to have 18 tick/venom damage AND Eldrid Rhythm. My idea was offering her a choice between one or the other - an attempt to give some balance considering Gearbox don’t want us to have venom damage because we’re so hard to kill.

Some people will still take Eldrid Rhythm, though like you, I would take venom.

What I mean is that, the way the game works now, venom is applied again (as if it were a new venom) every time you land a venom bullet or someone gets a tick of Parting Gift damage. So while it would be great if it worked the way you describe, currently, if you shoot someone with a venom bullet you will reset their venom back to its starting damage.

It’s extremely simple on PS4 too. I’m not trying to make a point about skill. The way the game works right now, every time you poison someone, you poison them “fresh” - so you would reset the damage ticks.

I stopped using a regen build on Mellka when Beatrix came out, and now I play a damage build instead (attack damage, Bola’s Target Finder, and a blue syringe.) I know how good regen used to be on Mellka, but wound really weakens it.

Remember that the regen numbers from Adrenaline Rush and “Acid Bath” would only be a) meleeing a venom target and b) while standing still in a five-second damage pool. You have to account for the fact that you are also taking more damage during these times, because you are meleeing/standing still. If regen isn’t high enough, these helixes won’t be enough to balance out the extra damage coming in.

I don’t think refreshing Spike on a Lunge kill is too powerful. I have 180 hours of Mellka play, so I’d hope to think I also qualify as an experienced player…

edit: maybe I should be clearer - I mean a player kill. Or “major target” so it has some PVE use. Yes it’s strong, but there are plenty of other helixes that give precedent.

Also, sorry if I seem defensive or cranky at all. I just wasn’t sure how to read your tone at points, and I’m sulky today :wink:

Much :heart: to all Mellka mains everywhere


Yes because I far as I seen, players go for the most effective helixes, thats why with the current Melka at lvl 8 everyone takes the Refined Canisters, it ios just very effectrive, if you take any other option you are either “throwing” (if in a serious match) or you are stomping the other team and do it just to have fun…

Obviously I didn’t know it worked that way, maybe it should be changed how it works when selecting this helix?

Regen Melka is still powerful, if wounded by Beatrix when having low health, all I do is get out of their field of view, hide and wait for the wound to end and regen a little bit (or get backm hide and get healed), this still takes way less time than going back to the base!

Also, in PC we competitive players do not use legendaries either in comp play or pub. If we use them, we use the ones that are not very effective or the bad ones… for fun!

I was not specific, but if having a Melka regen build and then doing this combo, if not Wounded, Melka could over regen a good portion of damage received (if 1v1). They way I would use it would be to dive for kills and then hide in some part of their base, use Spike (party gif) and heal fast to engage back, instead of going back to my base. Would also take "Pool Shot: to have a very high heal “zone”. But all this is just theory crafting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am talking more on PVP than PVE, still on player kill in PVP could be too strong. What about if instead of resetting all cooldowns, it just resets Claw Lunge? In this way Melka (the player) could have more confidence is using Claw Lunge as a finisher since it doing so, would still allow him to use it again to escape! In way still High Risk/High Reward, like Attikus “Chain Breaker” ability.

If it resets all cooldowns, then it would be very easy to just dive to a slightly injured target, drop the ultimate and the spike, while already shooting, leaving the character low enough to finish with Claw and then just look the next injured character and repeat. Again I don’t want to bring it, but on PC the competitive gameplay is very fast and I am sure this would be abused either in comp or pub (I would).

PS: Also I am not cranky, read this in a normal argumentative tone, where we try to come up for a Melka rework that we would love and would be balanced and fun to play!:blush:

I already specified twice that I wanted to reset Spike, not all cooldowns, and that original skill description was a bad idea… I’m not sure why you keep overlooking my replies. I didn’t ever mean for Blade Launcher to be part of the cooldown reset, btw. Just wasn’t well written on my part.

My 180 hours is in PVP, not PVE, if that’s what you’re implying. Honestly way you keep unnecessarily emphasizing your competitive / PC background is coming off as kinda patronizing, even if you don’t intend it that way. I’d rather just leave it here. I appreciate your input, but if I could offer any advice back, it would be to give us console players a little credit instead of citing your competitive PC origins in every rebuttal, haha. We can kill people with Spike > Launcher > Lunge too, even with our thumbs - crazy I know!

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I edited the post to make clear that I want Spike reset on lunge, not all cooldowns. Incidentally it was never my intention that “all cool downs” include Blade Launcher, but I realize it read that way. I meant Spike and Lunge.

It’s also weird to be contesting the “dream helix” topic I made in the AM on a whim, and I kinda just want to delete this whole topic now so I can stop fretting over it, but I’ll live :stuck_out_tongue:

A Hence why I wrote before that I am writing with PC gameplay in mind.
While it’s noticeable I am patronizing PC gameplay, it should be expected because is the way I only know the game; but I still I never intended to imply PC superiority or something similar.

We’ve to agree to disagree since you will keep talking with PS4 in perspective as I will with PC, but the reason we keep going is because we both love the character and really can’t stand the condition of her current state, I apologize if any of my past comments seemed aggressive or arrogant, even if as of my tone wasn’t intended to sound like that. Thanks for having this discussion, seems like we can’t continue more or it might become an argument, let’s leave it here, no need to delete the topic! Maybe a dev sees it and maybe some of the ideas could help or be considered for the rework… Either way this “Half-and-Half” talk has been a good experience, now let’s just wait and see what Gearbox will bring next!:smirk:

I don’t think we have to agree to disagree, because we aren’t disagreeing, and I’m struggling to convey that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lunge being able to reset Blade Launcher would be equally as abusable on PS4… but I never meant for that to happen, haha. The “disagreement” isn’t about PS4 vs PC but is a misunderstanding about my cooldown suggestion (which was my fault.) Mellka is perfectly playable, fast, and aggressive on console. It’s never going to be as good as keyboard/mouse, but I suspect there’s not that much difference in how you and I play her. You’d just have better accuracy and turning.

To be clear, I am fine with Mell being balanced for PC players. I used to be a PC gamer, but I play BB on PS4.