My Early Feedback

  1. So the current status of things is heavily skewed towards the player that got here first. I don’t know if more people are going to show up, but it’s not very fun to get matched against someone that out classes you with their cards. Further, I go down in rank when I lose to them which makes it even worse. I think, for now, all the cards should be unlocked. Maybe if you get a ton of players in a test you can let proper leveling happen, but as it stands now, I think there’s going to be a huge disparity. I get it’s a technical test, but I still want to have fun and it’s not fun knowing you’re just going to lose.

  2. I’d like to have two (or more) binds to a key. I play using the arrow keys and I like binding CTRL and NUM PAD 0 to jump.

  3. My mouse sensitivity is at 50% and it’s still super fast.

  4. Go into the options and then hit escape. The game continues playing while the options stay on the screen, but now you can’t click on them. Hitting escape again will let you start clicking on things. Basically, you HAVE to hit done to get out of the options menu properly.

  5. There needs to be a GL HF emote.

  6. The garden looking map doesn’t have enough Z movement.

  7. I can definitely see this appealing to the Quake crowd. I come from UT and I’d LOVE to see a card that gives you unlimited dodging capabilities. Basically, I want to be able to out maneuver my opponent. …and by unlimited I mean that it’s not like the double jump with a recharge timer.

  8. I set the options to show my FPS but I don’t recall seeing it anywhere.

That’s all for now.