My Elemental Boost Relic just lost nearly 100% effectiveness...Glitch?

So, I just got a God-Roll Elemental Boost Relic…183% Boost!! I was so excited. Took pictures (see below), celebrated. I was ecstatic.

Logged off and came back some hours later. Suddenly, it shape-shifted like Bumblebee in Transformers down to a 90%.

Is this a glitch, I’ll be gutted if I just lost the best relic I’ve ever gotten!?

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The Elemental Projector was changed in a recent Hotfix from 113% to 90%.

The 183% you see in the first pic is in fact a display bug, it was never that high and testing would show it to be 113%.

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Thanks for the info boss. Pardon me while I cry myself to sleep tonight where I will dream of the 183% boost.