My epic metal cover of the Main Menu Theme :)

Hey all!

I am actually new to the series after trying Borderlands 3, and got really enchanted by the main menu theme so I went ahead and created an epic metal cover of it. Maybe you’ll like it!



Bravo. Mr. Torgue whould be proud of you

Thanks! :smiley:

Now I want that in my game…

:+1: :metal:

It’d probably get taken down in a heartbeat, but I’d love to hear what you’d do with the closing song. (I don’t personally have a problem with the song choice, but the arrangement used just doesn’t have the gritty punch I’d expect from a tattoed badass)

That is a really cool song! Maybe if people like the main menu theme cover well enough I can jump on that one next :slight_smile:

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“Make sure to like,follow and headbang to death!” :slight_smile:
Great job!

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That would be a good slogan! :smiley:


I found this shield the other day.

the red flavour text immeadiately threw me back to the glorious time of the 80’s Death metal band Death. Its a song from the album The Sound of Perseverance. seems we have some metal fans inside the developer team too :slight_smile:

Beautiful cover. Well done. An unexpected but not unpleasant thing to find metal in =)

The main menu theme is my honestly my favourite track from the OST. Whilst I liked it for being chill and almost synthwave-esk, this more intense metal cover was equally as awesome. Bravo.

Yeah, I definitely want to hear a metal cover of the closing credits music now. Seconded.

Nice job OP!

Yo that’s sick mate, love it!

great job

Cool cover! Don’t know if it’s just me or there’s an issue with quality of sound in the forums, but at first I thought you did a very lousy job mixing and mastering the sound… Every instrument was just on top of the other and bass was literally non existent, then I switched to YouTube and the sound was way better.

Definitely a good job, keep it up!

My guess is YT may stream the video differently (rate/compression) via the embedded link, which could degrade the audio quality?

I guess that’s probably it, it makes a lot more sense…

They should have a toggle switch, play this on intro or original. Awesome.