My expectations of the "new mode"

  1. It will be called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. This is kinda obvious, really what other “new mode” could they add? History says they will follow the path left by previous games.

  2. Infinitely repeatable missions. Every mission can be redone. Every mission item can be farmed.

  3. Respawning bosses/special enemies. Screw load times.

  4. Earl becomes a weapon re-roll mechanic. You give him a gun, maybe a few guns, some eridium and he spits out some combination of it. Sort of like the grinder but more used to get the roll you want on a weapon rather than just getting some random piece of gear.

  5. Ultra Badass enemies. These guys are super upgrades of normal enemies that are super tough and drop a lot of loot. Also they spawn more enemies. Basically mini-bosses than just randomly show up from time to time.

  6. Enemies are equipped with legendary gear and drop those items on death.

  7. More vault space and more SDUs for gear.

  8. Guaranteed dedicated drops. Killing an enemy that has a dedicated drop will have a 100% chance to drop that item. If they have multiple dedicated drops they will drop at least 1, bosses drop more dedicated loot (eg. Woten drops at least 6 dedicated items, 1 each leg, 1 better half, 1 brain).

  9. Moxxi cocktails return. More variety and value to their effects this time around. Maybe have a drink that makes a particular item type drop like crazy? On demand loot events basically is what I’m saying.

  10. Every weapon is anointed, even mission items or items that were never previously anointed.

These were just some things off the top of my head. What are you expecting from this “new mode”?


I think 1 and 7 are more likely to happen :grinning:

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It’s sad but based on their performance to this point, I don’t expect anything that makes this game worth playing any longer to happen.

If those are your expectations then I suspect you will be disappointed


My idea of the “new mode” would be that the game doesn’t crash on consoles and we are no longer unpaid beta testers.


Number 4 would be a HUGE win, however they have been very against this idea from what I have seen.

Bless you. I came here to post that exact thing.

As for a more realistic new mode, probably would be a way to reset crew-challenges at least, so you can farm those few items in the main game and DLCs.

Or it will be some sort of bounty-hunt system, similar to Diablo, where you have random mini-missions that offer a reward upon completion.

The more I think about it, the more likely I think it is that they just regurg an existing idea instead of producing something new that we’d actually want or have asked for.

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At least one of the new skills on each new tree for each character will be something fun. Everything beyond that is gravy.


I think “hoping” is the more apt word than “expecting”. If you’re actually expecting that stuff, you’re going to be one disappointed cookie on launch day.

I like a lot of those suggestions, especially 2,4,5 and 9, though I think there’s next to no chance that they’ll happen, other than #7.

I hope #6 doesn’t happen because I can’t imagine them not making a total mess of it, with wildly erratic damage levels and visual effects performance issues.

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THIS! Sadly but true…

Pure Uvhm. Enemy health back to 12500% with health regen!

I no longer care. I’ve invested a lot of time in the game but I’ve never been happy with it if that makes any sense to any of you. I wanted to love this game but it’s just been like going to a restaurant you’ve always wanted to eat at, and then the food is totally …average? Too many problems, too many loading screens, too many totally underwhelming weapons, ineffectual drop rates, too many lvl increases and way, way too many Particle Effects!!! I’ve loved the previous iterations of the series, especially BL2 so this was just a sadly average plate of pasta and not the spectacular 7 course dinner I’d hoped for. Didn’t even bother to play the last dlc.


This is a GOOD list.

Based on their track record so far, it’ll probably be Mayhem 3.0. Every weapon anointment and modifier now randomly rerolls every time you (re)spawn. Cos, you know, it’s whacky

Nope to number 7, since this is paid DLC, locking the rest of the stash space behind that would be a big middle finger to everyone lol.