My experience with Overwatch

Before the salt gets tossed around, I just want to say how amazing both these games are. They both bring something fun and unique to the table. Having played Battleborn during the Beta and from release, I quickly became a fan and played it constantly. It’s unique line up of characters, personality and dialogue is what makes it an unforgettable experience. The combat, game modes and playstyles all add up to make it a great experience. Obviously around that time Overwatch was nearing release and the Beta was out but I chose to stay dedicated to Battleborn as it was just released.

So, after gathering up enough to buy Overwatch, I purchased it. I didn’t expect to much, I knew it was overhyped. Overwatch and Battleborn are definitely different, very different. Overwatch is faster paced, you can kill enemy players quickly but this also forces you to be strategic about your approach. It takes longer to kill enemy players in Battleborn so you therefore have longer to plan out the encounter between players. You have more means of escape. In overwatch if you make the wrong move right there, most of the time you’re done for.

In overwatch everything is handed to you from the get go, apart from you’re ultimate, which is charged very slowly over time or generated fast by healing team mates or dealing damage. With Battleborn, you have to level and progress through the fight to upgrade your base abilities and eventually unlock your ultimate (well, you already know this).

I could go on about how different these games are but I won’t, I’ll only bore you :confounded:. I haven’t moved to Overwatch, but I am currently taking a break from Battleborn to soak Overwatch in like I did Battleborn. Both games have qualities that keep me playing.

The only thing these games have in common is multiple playable heroes, PvP, FPS…that’s about it really. The art styles are both cartoonish but in their own unique way. The faster paced combat and the ability to switch characters to suit the situation works really well in Overwatch. Steamrolling happens from time to time but I’ve been in games where the payload is right in front of the checkpoint/Final destination but someone’s ultimate managed to push back or wipe out the enemy team and…Victory. Satisfying to say the least.

Overall both games are brilliant and I can see exactly why they are compared. I can see how each community tends to be a bit salty at the other (not speaking for the whole communities). I look forward to what the future holds for both of these games :slight_smile:


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