My experience with the grenade launcher

So as Raviankraw on Project 1V1 some of you must know me as "the guy who does not want to use the Rocket launcher"
I’ve been experimenting ALOT with this gun. Discovered hidden mechanics that i will list below, list out his average DPS, pros and cons.


  • Area denial
  • 0.05 faster fire rate than the Rocket launcher
  • Higher mobility than the Rocket launcher
  • Have a hidden mechanic wich the projectile explode at 350 radius NEAR THE ENEMY
  • Very bouncy projectiles (Goes near twice the jump height when shot directly on ground)
  • Can detonate projectiles on will with alt fire


  • Slowest kill time of game (2.25 minimal kill time with 3 direct hits)
  • Bad average DPS (Average 12-20 damage per hit)
  • Hard for a “Kickoff jump” (Sometimes the projectile bounce too high and throw you downward)
  • Incredibly small radius
  • 2 Seconds fuse time (It detonate too fast)
  • Slow projectile

Most of grenade launcher in games are known for area denial and aggressive defense, wich is not the case on this weapon.
Due of lack of damage and inconsistent “Sour spot damage”, the rocket launcher completely outrank this gun on every aspect.

My idea on this gun

  • Increase explosion radius by 50 units and keep the trigger radius at 350 (This will give a better average sour spot explosion damage)

  • Increase damage by 10 (There is no point of making this gun 40 damage and force a 3 hit kill for a small bit of fire rate)

  • Make auto-fire possible while using remote detonation (If you right click you cannot fire until you re-trigger)

  • Decrease projectile bounciness by 10% (Safe grenade jumps)

  • / Alternative / Increase projectile speed by 20% (That would also disable grenade jumping)

My idea for the Grenade launcher is to keep the weapon as a aggressive defense without having the burden of a extremely low damage gun.

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The grenade launcher definitely feels like the weakest weapon in the game to me and while I like your ideas, I still don’t think it would be good enough to warrant it’s use over the rocket launcher.

Its funny how we can have very different expiriences with this game and weapon.

I myself nearly only use the Grenade Launcher and I won basically everygame I can remember with it (169 rating).
The thing that makes this weapon for me so good is that it is very hard for the enemie to dodge all those flying and bouncing grenades around him, especially in tiny places.

But i would agree with you on those points that it detonates a little bit to fast, i think 2,5-3 seconds fuse time would make more room for even better and satisfying plays. :grinning:

I do not want to throw any insult or something similar. But my experience was against the highest tier player (400+ rating.)
New player or under 300 rating does not make use of rocket jumps or healthkit management.

Yeah, I’m only at like 130 or so. I realize now that it is probably a weapon that seems awful untill you know how to effectively use it.

Not entirely. Even when you effectively use it, this weapon is just a mobility item.
Wich saddens me beacause you can do amazing things with it.
Then you just pop a 12 damage.