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Blah blah blah Battleborn is the first MOBA-like game that has me interested blah blah blah character diversity blah blah blah a couple weeks etc. doodling fan characters blah blah blah I don’t have a tablet. Didn’t do Eldrid because I can’t think blah blah blah. Have some backstory too.

Name: Liliam and Ticklefist</font color>

Faction:Jennerit</font color> (as if all the red wasn’t a tipoff)

Desc: A child of one of the Empire’s nobility, she has been exposed to the ruthlessness of Jennerit politics at a young age. She knows her way around the courts but it bores her to no end. Rather than wasting time trying to teach her, her parents decided to just leave her home with a bodyguard/babysitter, Ticklefist, and let her do whatever while they went off to do the ‘silly grown up things’. Despite being sheltered for her short but privileged life, she is well aware of the threat facing the Empire. Since none of the silly grown ups seem concerned with doing anything other than their silly grown up things, Liliam has decided she and Ticklefist shall save those silly grown ups this time. It might even be fun.</font color>

Abilities: I think I got something now.
PASSIVE ABILITY:</font color> Grab n Smash // Ticklefist’s other abilites are tied to his weapon. His basic attack can either damage the target or, if it’s a minion, grabs it and starts swinging it around. The amount of damage he can deal is proportional to the maximum health of the minion, and its durability proportional to the minion’s current health. As long as Ticklefist has a ‘weapon’ equipped, his abilities are usable.

Name:Private Sarge</font color>

Faction:Peacekeepers</font color>

Desc: Private Sarge is a walking mistake. He came by mistake with another order, so technically he is stolen property. Doesn’t matter much though, he is still a combat model designed to support his squad as a portable artillery platform. Only thanks to Bureaucratic hoo ha, he was never attached to a squad. To make it worse, he was always listed as a squad at full strength so no one ever bothered to transfer him to another. Thus he had been sent alone into combat, having to fill in all the roles his squadmates would have done. This need to multitask, combined with the programmed need to be part of a squad caused a glitch in his software. Multiple personalities started to develop in his code. The most prominent of these new personalities were Private(Who does everything) and Sarge(Who yells at private to do everything). Now things are a little better. When asked by others if he still requests a transfer, he’ll just say “Well golly, that sounds like a mighty temptin’ offer there, but I can’t leave Sarge behind. He’ll miss me KRRZT NO YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME LITERALLY PRIVATE! YOU ARE ME! KRRZRT Also he gets pretty durn mad…”
And that’s about the time the other person backs away.</font color>

Abilities:Okay I think I got something.
PASSIVE ABILITY:</font color> Spotter// Private still wants to be part of a group, and is ecstatic when friends are nearby. Artillery range increases with ally’s visibility. If they see it, so do you.

Name:The Graf

Faction:Last Light Consortium

Desc:In a much more older, poorer, dumber time, the Consortium had need of enforcers to collect outstanding payments and overdue debts from those who thought they could swindle the company. The Graf is one of the earliest models. Singular in purpose, he was sent to deal with problems that required the application of violence and destruction to resolve. He has since long been made obsolete and stored away while more advanced machines became the face of the Consortium. Now the Consortium faces conflict in all directions and orders are piling up. Some of the more desperate elements are taking old models out of storage and using them just to reach quota. The Graf was one of them. Given new armor(a mask and suit to hide that ugly exterior), his weaponry(a giant hammer) upgraded(a glowy giant hammer) and sent off to break some kneecaps in the name of the Consortium!

: Garnishment// The Graf was built with debt collection in mind. Still active inside him is a device that locates objects of monetary value on the Graf’s victims and steals them with every hit of the Graf’s hammer.
Each attack fills a wealth meter. Wealth acquired is proportional to strength of all the Graf’s abilities.

Name:ZX - 1</font color>

Faction:Rouges</font color>

Desc:It isn’t really clear what ZX- 1 is. Man? Woman? Robot? Some combination of the three? It doesn’t say. What is known is that it is the sole survivor of an advanced alien empire now lost to the darkness of the void. Rather than accepting such a fate and surrenduring to the dark, ZX -1 took the most advanced tech of its people and now lives as a mercenary, taking the most dangerous jobs so that the last memory of its race will be one filled with glorious battles. At least that’s what it says. Frankly it looks pretty funky and the boots never ever stop squeaking! That death ray is pretty lethal though.</font color>

PASSIVE ABILITY </font color>//Amplificator disc. Or something that sounds just as needlessly complicated. A disc that amplifies stuff based on what colorizer is switched to the activicator. The more the disc is used, the more feedback it generates into its aggressor motivator. Did you understand that? Because I don’t.

Name:Person. Just Gonna call him that or now


Desc:And now he’s a glowy glowy alien…thing. But it’s colored now so that’s progress I guess.

Abilities:For some reason I keep thinking back to some old Nintendo game. A power involving static electricity where the attack got stronger the more the character moved before discharging.

Updated the Eldrid guy thing and Liliam’s pic. Removed a finger because Jennerit only have four fingers(at least according to Rath’s pic)


Nice ideas, i would enjoy it if it were in the game.

Thanks but I honestly didn’t make them with that intention. Making them was a nice distraction, and a good excuse for me to use all this funky stuff photoshop provides. Dodge tool? Magic Wand? Crazy stuff.

So I remembered I still had this thread! And I like the way Ticklefist turned out so here’s another things. Ticklefist defending his charge with a shield that doesn’t block everything! Seriously why do sci fi shields never block everything?

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I really like the idea of a little girl, throwing the smackdown with a mech. Win.