My Farming Run for UVHM

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Also - When testing new builds/guns I like to do the CL4P-L3K run. I really enjoy killing boils and Veins is cool/pretty area to blast around in.

That… actually works. I’d also consider farming the Sentinel, if you’re already in eleseer :wink:

wtf, can one tell me what all those shortcuts mean?

it basically means; go to every location and check every vendor, FT means Fast Travel (those stations that let you… fast travel… anywhere).

CL4P-L3K is a mini boss from a quest in Veins of Helios (you can only farm him if you didn’t kill him in the first place)
On the way there you’ll face Fast, Heavy and Flying enemys, so I guess that this is meant by “testing new builds”.

My reply was about the Invincible Sentinel, the campaign’s final boss. He’s farmable and of course, spawns in Eleseer (20 Moonstones needed)
deops legendary coms etc…

EDIT: I’ve just read the whole post, the iPod sucks at loading this new forum page, apologize for this.

R&D means Research and Development

My suggestion would also be to farm the flying guy after tychos ribs.
Not necessarily because he’d drop many good things, but because it’s always satisfying to murder and rob some corpses for blues and purples.

Hope that could help you out a bit :slight_smile:

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