My farming Terra log

Alright, I really want a hide of Terra.

Only 1 way to get it: farm that big fat bug.

Setup: PS3: split-screen, running both:
Level 61 Zero and Maya

Last night, farmed him in Normal Mode. With the level difference, I got it down to 5 minutes a run. (Is there really a difference between his loot chances in the different levels?)

2 hours= roughly 15 runs
Loot: not a d*mn thing besides his Class mods. No Oranges. A couple of semi-decent purples. All I kept was a Sticky Homing Slag Transfusion.

I’ll give him a few more runs in Normal, before I go after him in TVHM.

More to come…

Im going to move this to the Loot and Weapons category if you don’t mind.

Good luck. Terra is a real stingy bastard. I’ve been farming him for his exclusive commando head for a long time now. In 200-plus-I-don’t-know-how-many kills, he dropped me everything in his loot pool, except for the head I wanted. In all of those hours and hours of farming, he only dropped me the Hide of Terramorphous once, and it took quite a while to happen. I also got several Breath of Terramorphous grenades, two Blood of Terramorhpous relics, one Teeth of Terramorphous, one Pitchfork, one Neogenator (I didn’t even know he could drop it), the Pink Panzer skin for the commando and a head for the wrong character. All of that stuff was useless to me, since I was farming him just for the head on normal mode. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, it’s gonna take some patience. So good luck again. I’m rooting for ya.

Last night,

Normal mode: 10 runs
I think he drops the same exact loot every time. It’s always a purple SMG, purple shotgun, crappy singularity grenade, 30 white weapons, a white slag sniper, and of course, his mod.

TVHM; 5 runs

Total: 30 runs
Jack crap

Next, I’m biting the bullet and going into UVHM.

Two runs in Uvhm. With scaling,it’s a fair fight. And solo, it’s an hour long grind.

I can get 20 runs in TVHM for that. I know the drop rate isn’t 20/1 increase,so my odds are still better pounding through low level stuff.

2 UVHM: nothing

New siren skin and a decent fire proof absorb shield.

37ish total. Still no Hide.

tumtum muckamuck. Heeeeeeeey

I’ve never been so excited to see a pitchfork!

Interesting results so far.

Got a Weisenheimer. Heard they are rare so I kept it. Los like a regular purple smg.

Every other drop set is a horse rifle, purple, btw.

I’ve gotten a couple very cool, low level, but 1 second delay shields.

Electric e-tech splatgun.

No grind tonight,gentlemen.

I’ll double up tomorrow

+35 runs. TVHM

I’ve stopped picking up anything,including eridium. Maxed that out.

Terra is getting more stingey with his drops. Nothing I haven’t seen 50 times already.


You see many purple jakobs shotties? I’m keeping an eye out for a purple single-barrel one.

I’ve seen a few Jakobs shotties. I don’t really use them so I just glance at everything that’s not orange. I’ll keep an eye out for one.

Any particulars that you’re looking for? 1 shots or higher ammo? Accuracy?

No need to keep an eye out on my account, I enjoy looking for purples, but thanks :smile:. I should go up against Terra myself anyway
Wanna go crazy with Blood Filled Guns, my Triquetra eats too much ammo and the Striker shoots all over the place.

I’ve been having fun with Gunzerking, double-fisting some fire bee-hawks.

I’m punishing him for not dropping that shield.

I found it I found it I found it



Oh, I got this boy figured out now.

2 Hides, 1 blood, 1 breath of Terramorphous

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Congrats on the drops Duke.