My fastest takedown clear so far!

I’ve were experimenting with a build around Tenacious Defence, BBB, Blast Master and kyb’s. It were pretty great. So i ended up asking myself the same question i always ask: but can i use lucky 7? Yeah.

Gear used:

  • Lucky 7 - 125% Incendiary.
  • Blast Master (1-1-3(vampyr)) - 45% Jakobs crit, 31% Pistol Damage.
  • BBB - 25% Capacity, 15% Reflect Chance.
  • Last Stand Victory Rush - 40% Mag Size


08:18 - MH4 (20% Normal Damage, +2 Enemy Projectiles)


Bonus points for that extra projectile mayhem modifier :star:

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Haha, yeah it’s usually nasty! It’s big NOPE when i run shaft.

Yeah I always feel like I’m just getting smacked around flying all over the place, in and out of ffyl, health gate doesn’t work.

I always just drop out and restart.

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Oh so fresh and so clean, clean.


Nice work bruv!

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Noice. I’d be so afraid of blowing myself up with the splash bonus.

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worth noting, it’s scaled takedown. though, with lucky 7 “true takedown” does not feel that much different.

you and me both. it does happen a lot. :joy: (damn you wardogs!)

That’s pretty sick. GG. It must be nice to have that level of gear to play around with.

If you’re on PC, someone around here can probably hook you up if you need something specific.