My fav character was nerfed into the ground. =(

back in 2016 i would average 20 kills per game as rath

nowadays i can hit somebody with all 3 of my skills and its still not enough dmg to kill them =(



kevlin has 4 times HP… hits harder, is faster, has better escape, has better CC…

why even play rath now?

sucks fam… my fav character is useless now

oh well. i guess thats the nature of this game. kevlin is new melee master.

i played one game as kevlin, and on my very first game got 10 kills 0 death lolololololololollllllllll

TBH i have no clue why rath was nerfed when kelvin out there one shotting people


Yeah, Kelvin is pretty awesome isn’t he?


Rath is a top pick in comp play actually because of his insane initiation which allows easy picks.


Oh i thought you were gonna say Boldur.


yeah but if ur on a team that doesnt know how to play then kevlin is 10000000X better (IMO)

my last game i played as rath i literally knocked the healer up into the air and slowed him over 50 times for my team but we didnt get a single kill on him.

but with kevlin i have 10 times as much survival, i hit harder, and i have a very good escape.

i guess its time to retire rath.

sucks because i like ninjas and stuff.

life goes on. i have a lot of fun playing marquis now also. marquis is way more fun than rath (imo)

edit: i will still play rath on capture and face-dwn… hes good there.

but IMO hes not very fun in incursion anymore.

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I’m pretty sure rath hits harder than Kelvin.


You should try spin canceling.


Who the hell is Kevlin :joy:


That is Beatrix’s name for him since she can’t be ■■■■■■ to remember it.

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That’s Kevin, Kevlin doesn’t exist.

Also, I’d rather play Rath in Solo/Pub games than Kelvin. Why have all that CC and Health when your team doesn’t take advantage of your initiation and/or heal you when you’ve tanked everything the enemy has thrown at you? Playing a Tank in Solo Pub is the worse experience ever. Rath on the other hand is pretty good for self-reliance. He can set up his own kills and do his role without much help from the rest of the team.

Rath > Kelvin in that aspect.

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Oh lord, wait till Blaine shows up. I’m not even going to tag him lol

I have to say, OP, I guess I showed up after you left or I just don’t remember you (I lurked for a while before making an account), but you are becoming quite the character to me…

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Fixed it for you.

At least he doesn’t sparkle!

Rath is the most fun Battleborn for me in incursion. This is coming trom someone that has previously main Benedict, Pendles and Galilea (to name a few of the most fun characters in this game)

Rath is my main reason that keeps me playing this game. I absolutely destroy when I play with him and use most/all my player skills. Unfortunately The Xbox community is starting to notice how amazing I am with him and usually target ban him when I go against them :frowning:

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Hey Chode. I recommend you watching some high level rath play. There are a few pretty well known posters on GbX forum that do extremely well with rath in high lvl play. Ask them for some vids and tips :slight_smile:

Once you get into the high lvl scene on your respective console, you will wind up seeing just how valuable an asset he is and more importantly, you will see that he definitely is viable in Incursion.

if anything he is more viable now than even prior to the patch due to the attacker / minion damage increase


I used to hate how easy he could get kills vs non tanks.

He could kill anyone with his 3 skills and nothing else.

Now he is rly rly usefull as he can stop a push, save an ally and initiate a push.


Defend your boy

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It was just a joke, geez.

i used to own as rath man. i got worthy of song with him without none of that premade stuff.

nowadays hes good i guess… but not what he used to be.

you can literally smash some1, crossblade them… and then get a full ultimate on them and its not enough dmg to kill a single battleborn.

kinda especially sucks considering it also seems like hes slower now and i cant even hit anyone with it… the other BB are always instantly 220 yards away as soon as i activate my ULT.

hes fun when u fight against noobs i guess.

but so easy to counter. (IMO) he does his ult? lol just jump and push back and laugh at this f***** face .

kelvin on the other hand… has 4k hp… 3 shots ppl and has emergncy button.

maybe one day rath will be dope again… but for now i think im done.

theres lots of other BB who do way more dmg, have better survivability, and better cc.


also i played pendles once and it felt down right disgustng how OP he was.

i prob wont even play pendles again because its literally TOO EASY

FFS hes invisible lol… and he hits like a freaing MAC TRUCK and he has insane escape ability.


EDIT: also bendict is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAYYYY better than rath.

lol… as bendict… u see a rath… wut u do? jump to where he cant reach u and then kill him in 3 hits as u laugh and taunt. GG!!

montana is also very amazing. montana has insane hp, has the ability to smash ppl like rath, but also does more dmg… from further away… LOL

its basically like rath is just a gimmick for his spin move… other BB can do everything he does (except spin) better.


Is it one shot or three shot?

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