My Favorite Character

So I haven’t been playing Battleborn long, I’ve slowly been making my way through the characters when I won my first versus match and got Ambra.

Soon as I started playing her, I could tell we would get along splendidly.

I like her as a support character, but she is one that can hold her own if the enemies start coming. It took me a bit to understand what she can do, but once I grasped the concept I had a lot of fun playing her in Versus matches.

I enjoy her skills, the orb is my favorite. I like placing it to hold enemies back a bit. Even if they shoot it, it gives a few seconds to move around and plan. Her helix is pretty nice too, good for most situations.

All in all, she is my favorite and the character I wish to master before the others. I will play other heroes, but Ambra will now hold a place in my heart.


I agree wholeheartedly.


Continue practicing and you’ll learn how good she really is. :smiley:

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