My feedback for Zanes 4th tree

Im only bringing these up so that way Gearbox can hopefully address it before they go live. I would rather it get fixed BEFORE people have to pay for them.
Renegade is really weak. 1.5% HP per second is nothing in this game. Over 12 seconds, it gives 18% HP.

Deja Vu is good for only low mag weapons, high damage weapons. I suggest a Crit Kill to have a 45% (at 5 points) to reload the ENTIRE mag. Snipers benefit immensely off Deja Vu but ARs and SMGs could use the cannon to refill their mag. Good skills aren’t universally good but rather are good in different CONTEXTS in different playstyle.

Stuff like Headsmans Hand is perfect. Synergizes well with all of Zanes trees, grants Clone (and Drone) crit.

The Art of War is actually really interesting, in the fact that its AS start OR ability. Id actually allow Seeing Red to also be AS ability, as Seein Red is a weak capstone.

Sheer Will doesn’t really benefit other skill trees at all, only the cannon. Would change the cooldown rate to something else. Maybe Action Skill damage and lower the numbers? Would encourage a build to get as many crits as possible to ramp up Clone/Drone/Cannon damage?

Eraser is a very interesting skill and i would love to see more of stuff like this on Coms and base game skill trees. Maybe we finally have a Hustler build?

Now here’s my biggest issue: the capstone. You need to being ADSing when you crit. Thanks to Fugitive, you can sprint and shoot BUT you still can’t sprint and ADS. I would add “you can ADS without movement speed penalty while sprinting” to Fugitive

Edit: One last note, this is another tree with no Cryo damage. The only thing that does Cryo is the Cannon, and thats AFTER an augment. I dont understand why Gearbox keeps making things shock instead of Cryo. Zane has just as many shock abilities as he does cryo. Shockerator, Conductor, Deterence Field, Static Field. Amara was a better Cryo character than Zane BEFORE her Cryo augment.

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To be fair, if I understand the cap stone correctly you can freeze enemies with one shot if you ads crit with a cryo weapon. Pretty ridiculous with a ricocheting weapon I think.

let me speak about the tree i have not put a point in yet sure my take will be valuable pogclap.

testing first

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does not grant clone or drone crit damage, these action skills never got your crit bonuses

Yes, it should however be noted that the bonus damage is multiplicative, meaning those 25% might be worth sacrificing some movement speed for. And of course, you can still ADS whilst sliding or jumping at full speed.

If nothing else, it’s considerably more valuable than The Art of War which is pure gun damage and only applies to a single shot.