My Feedback so far

(badguy5 on YouTube) #1

I’m account level 23, and here are my thoughts so far:


  • Looks great if you like that style (I do)
  • Variable difficulty for different number of teammates is great
  • Characters and story is interesting
  • Pickups and Challenges add variety
  • BAD - Boss fights can drag on. The ice golem thing that regenerates? Too long


  • GOOD - matchmaking is improving
  • GOOD - You can choose your character before/after other players (Dynamic Character select)
  • GOOD - quick-ish matches at around 20 minutes
  • GOOD - Combat feels fast-paced and fun
  • GOOD - You can look at you command tab while waiting for match
  • BAD - Ties feel awful (tiebreaker based on “score”? bleck)
  • BAD - Disconnects need … something. Give me a bot or something. Make me 20% stronger, I don’t care, but if someone DC’s in the first 5 minutes, it’s just a slow ride to defeat
  • BAD - Should be able/easier to join back into a game you disconnected from
  • BAD - The game needs more explanation for certain things… like the hearth ability.


  • El Dragón might be too strong. He can do an insane amount of damage in very little time and he’s very hard to hit
  • Reyna might need some love… not quite sure what.
  • Montana has a hard time getting through the spawn door in overgrown and sometimes can’t move around minions
  • Playing against Galilea feels bad. Ranged 2 second (1.5?) stun is way too easy to hit. Then her damage reflection. I’m not saying she’s OP, but isn’t fun
  • Whisky Foxtrot’s ACOG scope talent makes it harder to aim at people.
  • Miko’s healing beam is easy to be “stolen” by an ally wandering in front of it
  • Marquis is a pain and his range might be too long


  • Do ranged attacks pierce through allies? Is it only some people?
  • What’s the difference between the equipment in faction packs (the gear, not the skins and stuff)
  • I would appreciate an easier way to clear “unseen items” in the menus
  • What the hell is the score stat?!

(TheFunfighter) #2

Each piece of Gear has an assigned faction. That used to be more obvious with the old icons. You can still tell them apart though. For example: LLC gear has the typical engraved metal, while UPR gear is “standard military equipment”. So when you know what stats you want, you can buy the respective pack. Extra health for example is on the bullet proof vest, which is UPR gear.

I assume you mean the “score” pickups in story missions. This value is an overall indicator of how good you were. It serves no purpose, but to allow comparison of performances, if you’re into that. So the pickups actually distort the outcome. Hm.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #3

Is there a list of what items are generally what faction?

Also, I mean the “score” in competitive multiplayer. I think it’s the first column. I know it’s somehow derived from the other stats, but no clue HOW.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #5

still no dice on that. oh well.

I’ll just have to figure it out myself, I guess… Maybe I’ll make a spreadsheet…