My feeling about new Rainbows in OP8(Lv88) Peak

I completed the OP8(Lv 88) Peak with Krieg. A build with new Rainbow Gears was pretty good.

  • At first, Peak Opener + Easy mode + Hard Carry = Amazing in the Peak(the velocity of PO!). I have not seen the scorches killed more easily than by this combo (in case of Krieg). And its length of FFYL is sick. I feel I have plenty of time to pull the trigger again after taking a nap for a while.

  • I felt a bit interesting thing about Peak Opener, which is that I pull the trigger and its fire rate rises a little later (maybe on and on?). This is just my feeling, so you’d better check it yourself.

  • And Unicornsplosion is better than Swordsplosion. It kills things so easily Including the player himself.

  • if your character’s level has reached 80, I recommend switching the OP level to 8 and then obtaining the already available Unicornsplosion. You can get a great OP8 gun without farming.

  • It was hard to include two new grenades in this build, but in my experience they were also really great.

  • On the other hand, other new weapons, except for the new RL and ToothPick, did not feel very good. The RL was excluded because I hadn’t yet obtained it, and Peak Opener was better than ToothPick in the Peak.

My conclusion : Peak Opener + Easy mode + Hard Carry = Amazing in the Peak. You can check with the link.


Okay, now I’m going to try this.

Where/how do you obtain it, is it a mission reward? If so, I’ve missed out lol.

Is the Toothpick (with its set) any good against Haderax? I was level 74 when I got one and have long since tossed it, I fear I can not farm for it again either.

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I didn’t try with them. I just hurried with CC.:wink:


Toothpick’s bullets are quite slow to deal with Haderax. Though, in combination with Retainer shield, you can move really fast on that arena.

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Yeah the Peak Opener is ridiculous on Krieg. Even a lvl 80 one still decimates at OP8.

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It drops from Sand Worms. I got them all from SWs.

Sadly not from the ones in Hade’s arena lol

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It’s when you ADS, it has a higher fire rate when you’re aiming.