My finger gets tired shooting Toby's Railgun

Holding and releasing R2 dozens of times in a match puts tons of stress on my index finger to the point where I don’t want to play him because it hurts too much.

Recommended Fix: Make the Railgun fire every time it reaches full charge simply by holding the fire button.

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Thats a terrible idea. Having the shot fire automatically means your target has to be in the open long enough for you to fully charge a shot to get full damage. A simple pop be hind cover and your shot misses and you have to recharge. Holding the shot lets you wait with full charge for someone to pop out and tag them instantly.

Doing this would make the character exponentially harder. Not only would you have to aquire your target, But also try to get charge in time to hit them.

You have an excellent point but, I would prefer automatic fire as I only seem to be able to hit minions as enemy heroes are too agile for me.

I believe the best solution is to have an option for both depending on each player’s preference.