My first error with using EPIC: missing DLC

I sent a report to EPIC . Here is a copy.
I logged in to play Borderlands 3 today. My current character is halfway through the Handsome Jack Casino. Upon pressing continue, a message appears saying that my saved game was saved with content not available on this system and it placed me in a location on Pandora. My character’s mission is still part of a quest at the casino but, looking at the maps, it is nowhere to be found. Has the DLC been removed for some reason? I did a full verify of the game files and logged back in and it is still not present.

Somehow, the issue fixed itself.

There appears to be an issue where, if the hotfix is not applied, the game doesn’t recognise the DLC. Hopefully, this will be rectified in an update (which is a permanent code fix - hotfixes are only temporary).

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I was playing my game just fine last night… today my DLC is gone. No idea why. I have guns from the DLC in my stash, I even have a quest marker to start it, but for some reason… it’s gone.

Are you getting an error message at all? Did you try validating your files? (IIRC find game in the epic launcher and click on the 3 dots to pull up a menu)

Hello there. So… the issue fixed itself with a reboot.

Hotfixes would not apply. I was connected to internet connection and had a good connection to boot. DLC 1 and 2 were properly loaded. HOWEVER, when in the game, it took longer than usual to load, and all access to DLC content was as if I had never purchased it.

Naturally, I like to reboot, but I came here first to see if anyone else had discovered this type of issue. Seems that I wasn’t the ONLY one, but it certainly seems like a rare issue.

No errors… nothing… would never know otherwise.

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Not sure how or why it worked. But it took a reboot.
I’m not sure if this happened when i rebooted but, I now always check to see if the HOTFIX APPLIED sign shows up before going into the game…

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If you have any interruption of your Internet -> Unable to use DLC items offline

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