My First Ever co-op Build

Never used support skills before so not sure what’s good, so if you guys could look at this and tell me what to change that would be great :slight_smile:

Vanilla game btw


No scorn, ruin, cloud kill or reaper? What gear (shield/types of guns) would you use this with?

I’d try to grab at least scorn for blowing up rockets and the easy slag- your teammates will love it when you slag a huge group of enemies ahead of them.

I think 5 points in restoration is unneeded and the points could be better used elsewhere. If you’re at op levels, 1 or 2 is plenty, otherwise 3 is probably enough points to get good use out of it.

Similar deal with life tap at op levels, not sure about it at 72, but probably can drop a point from there.

I’d take foresight over flicker for the extra mag and less reloading.


I’d strongly recommend some changes. As @User2136 said, you’re skipping most of her best skills. Try this.

The point in Mind’s Eye is assuming you’re using a Legendary Siren COM, feel free to move that to Life Tap if you aren’t. Also some of this might change depending on your class mod of choice, maybe post what gear you are using so we can advise you better.

Of course if what you use works for you, whatever. This is just friendly advice :slight_smile:


Idk lol my usual build only has 10 points in harmony(mind’s eye and wreck) I don’t do defense but figured I needed a good Maya support build


It’s appreciated, I’m bad with support skills lol


I gotcha, reason I was asking was that it looked good enough dmg wise if you’re running, say, a bee and cat com, but if you’re focusing solely on support, you probably don’t want to run a bee.

I always struggle with sub-sequence builds, always want a few more points in other things so someone else can probably offer better advice


Ye I’m only good with damage builds, also not really a fan of the bee, just feels underwhelming

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I’m not either, but it does have it’s uses, and isn’t underwhelming at all with the right weapons.

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If you give up all the dps that’s available in your Cataclysm tree, you’re not gonna get many kills to activate your kill skills. I’m talking about Inertia, Sweet Release and Life Tap. You’ll most likely end up dead instead. Keeping yourself alive is your number one priority if you’re gonna be of any use to your mates, right! :wink:

A nice balance between support and dps is your best option. @Kuolemanlaakso’s build looks pretty solid to me.

Your choice of gear will also matter when it comes down to your effectiveness as a healer. Elated heals everyone based off the total amount of health that you have, so equipping an Adaptive shield that raises your health, will heal your mates even faster.

Cooldown… More cooldown means more skill activation, which in turn means more dps and more healing. A legendary Siren COM paired with a Bone of the Ancients is a great combo.