My First Experience With Mayhem Levels

I finally started playing on/in/whatever Mayhem levels.

Yeah… I bought BL3 in September 2019, and I have created four new characters in order to “do” Mayhem.

{NOTE: I had a stroke in 2011, and my gaming skill have become pretty poor.}

I started on Mayhem 2 {OK laugh, I won’t be hurt} and while I am NOT getting my {butt} kicked, it is challenging for me.

I really Really REALLY hate these damnable anointed ba$tard$… they keep running away, changing sizes, and {urinating} me off!!!

Well, just thought that BL3 community might want to know.

{PS: I am a 56 year old man, retired, and just playing games, going for walks, and smoking cigars}

{{PPS: I dislike the character CL4P-TP. He/it is the most annoying character in the franchise and I want him to be disassembled. I started hating him in BL2, after having played through BL2 about 25 times}}


Well congrats on your first mayhem!
Yeah the purple bastards are still annoying me as well though I played mayhem for a long time.

enjoy while that lasts because once you have any sort of meta setup everything insta dies and that is far far less fun

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anointed are the worst thing ever :slight_smile:

and BL2 clap was anoyingly funny, BL3 crap is the second worst thing ever!

mayhem is also bad xD you can actualy play M10/11, farm some vendors/gun gun and do good…

appart from the modifiers, scaling ruined it

Reminds me of:

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You can skip to mayhem 11 and bypass all the modifiers, if you want. Get yourself to a point in a quest where you are about to finish a mission and it’s just waiting for a turn in, or for you to loot the chests. Then change the mayhem level to 11 and voila, you have mayhem 10 rewards. Then take them back into lower mayhem levels if you want, or just start playing mayhem 11 or 10 when you are ready.

fyi, mayhem 11 has no gameplay modifiers.

So many things to work around the stupid scaling crap…

Really wonder if GBX actually cares for this… Or are they so focused on buffing random ■■■■, they don’t notice the awful state the game’s in?

I’m really contemplating installing mods to fix this trash instead of hoping GBX getting their ■■■■ together…

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Nice! I also found mayhem levels to be challenging the very first time I tried it. I finished the campaign at around level 38/40 and immediately turned on mayhem 6 to start DLC1 without knowing anything about how enemy health is scaled - found out my hellwalker was hitting about as hard as a light breeze lol.

I went down to Mayhem 1, killed some enemies to get mayhem 1 gear, then kept scaling up as i got more guns. i think i finished DLC 1 at mayhem 5 with a mix of legendaries that were dropped to me at mayhem 4/5 - i found this very challenging lol it took me like 25 minutes to get through the last fight.

I couldn’t imagine what playing at M10 would be like at this point, but to be honest as others have said already, once you gear up and get your build even semi optimized, you can definitely just walk through enemies at M10. All this to say - enjoy your grind through the initial stages of mayhem mode! I thought it was pretty fun. The end game however… is quite lacking coming from BL2. Still some hope as there’s more content coming out!

M8 has 2 modifiers only. Easy jump to M10.

1 Easy Modifier and 1 Very Hard Modifier

Learning what modifers you can tolerate is good for M10

Shame you didn’t get to experience the original mayhem then.

No weapon scaling BS and at least modifiers that made some sense (not the circus stuff we have now)

Was far from perfect, but M2.0 couldn’t be further from perfect.

End game difficulty scaling is pretty much non existing

If you follow the suggestion of taking Mayhem 10/11 weapons into a lower level, the game …for me anyway… turns into nothing. Everything dies with one shot. Boring.

I one shot everything but bosses on M10…

Game is boring AF…

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Yeah I read a lot of good stuff here about the initial Mayhem implementation. I just got into the game pretty much so I didn’t get to experience it, sadly. I just have M11 (don’t really like any modifiers) on and play that way. Also considering giving mods like redux a try, because the game is pretty easy as you’ve said

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