My first game as Mr. E and quick gear loadout


I tried out earnest first thing yesterday after getting off work, I’ve seen saving my credits since before pendels was released and I thought I’d really like to try earnest and boy was I right. Picture is from my very first game just a normal mode renegade 4 man, milka was lvl100 everyone else is lower level and boy was it a blast, 3 story missions in and I’m almost level 6 with him and I have never not had fun picking him. Another poster commented about his defence egg feeling very weak and I’d have to agree, I always take reload speed mutation and have been using him with Vyn’s Quiver +20.89 reload and 4.68 health regen + unique h-regen means decent reload speed and decent self healing, a decent symbiotic gauntlet with +198 health and a green skill damage (+8.9% I think) with +178 health. Makes you feel very OP and very tanky.

I think id swap the green for a 0cost shard producer for pvp for the sake of running double legendries. I can’t undersell how much fun this guy is! Any thoughts on this build? I haven’t taken him to advanced yet but I feel it will be more of the same!

He deals so much damage so quickly! He’s amazing! Glad to hear you love him.

Small gear thing, wen you get it, I’d reccomend swapping out the Gauntlet for reload speed, and Vyn’s for his legendary. It’s a health vest with secondary reload speed. It also gives you 10% life steal on all skill damage (due to a glitch), so by using skill damage gear, Trigger delay, Rotten Egg and Expedited Explosives you can be an actual tank.