My first impressions

The game’s fun so far.
Some things that i didnt like much

fallin pits: dont really see the need of falling pits in this kind of game, the action is fast paced and the actual fun is that your oponent kill you or you kill him. Not the enviroment.

The stage seem to be too closed sometimes, too many narrow passages. Maybe more empty space so you can actually trade shots do the thing.

i missed a good machine gun or dual pistol. The game is more futuristic but i missed some weapons like that.

More healing ways or maybe more hp for the character, you kill and get killed way too fast. Or a faster spawn.

I know that the game is still in early stage, it is pretty fun. Way to go. Make it better guys.

Greets from Argentina!

Yeah I agree about the pitfalls. Mabe they can be opened or closed? Or maybe its glass you can break? I also enjoyed my first match a lot. The map it a pretty good size. I was chasing my opponent around for the last kill abd if the map were too big it would make it hard to fine him
I really enjoyed that tight figure 8 design.
I think there will be more gus for sure.
what the test is showing is just a taste I think.

Glass is a very good idea. Not only on pitfalls, also on walls so one can make shortcuts. Or find hidden healthpacks. i like to see how that works.

Also, in one round that i was winning and i have an advantage of 2 or 1 kill, i just hide/camp and my adversary couldnt find me, Maybe for the last 30 seconds the lossing player should see where the oponent is, or to have an general area of the map where the oponent is highlighted, like an heat map or something, so one can avoid this. Or maybe have an item to have this effect.

i second you on the pitfalls,
but the thing is, you make positioning and ambushing way more significant.
i get what you mean because it’s got that Rainbow Road falling feeling to it.
also i think the pitfalls make the rocket launcher a bit stronger

I think the ability to see each other for the last 30 second isnt a bad idea. kinda steps on codebreakers toes but not by much.

I agree with you, maybe if the points of falling into the pit were less than an actual point it would be great for the game, because what is awesome about this kind of games is that you win by beating your oponent, so if the players receive the same amount of points for kill and suicide is it wouldn’t be fair for those players that put everything on the line to kill the oponent (For example).

About the stage when one minute is left the stage should force the players to get close because players can run for all the stage trying to save themselves or to avoid a draw if they are winning.

But the game really bring me back , its a really good idea to do this kind of shooter games, I see a really powerful idea here so all the luck for gearbox and this project.


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