My first legendary!

like one to two hours into the game a loot tink came out of nowhere. i like how they drop guns everywhere when you shot them. i killed it with a weak little disappointing shotgun in like 100 shots and thats when i saw it… The infinity!!!
its so good to the point that i dont wanna level up just so i can keep using it. its a lot better than in bl2. the one i got absolutely destroys bandits. i haven’t tried it against a boss but i imagine it would destroy them too. im happy to have found one so early :smiley:


Awww that feeling of your first legendary!!!

I miss that.

Don’t worry they will be falling out everywhere later

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If you listen to this board post patch you may never find one ever again.

i think i found it after the patch. unless theres a new one?

Loot was only reduced on Mayhem modes. It wasn’t affected in normal gameplay, and even in normal mode there are plenty of lengendaries. All the patch did was remove super easy, extremely fast methods of farming tons of legendaries. The patch basically brought farming down to +200% better than Borderlands 2, instead of +900% better.

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Congrulations! :laughing: