My first real complaint

Finally we get a week for the anniversary with something really cool. Increased anointments. I have kept positive about performance issues (game crashes) and hot fixes haven’t bothered me. But, for ****ing sakes man, why gives us increased anoinments then overlap it with terror anoinments.

Just an example: I was farming killavolt for the 9 volt, after 20 or so kills I managed to get 3 drops of it and 2 were anointed… for ****ing terror! I mean c’mon. This was the one chance to get good odds of unique drops to be anointed… but not for terror.

Gearbox could have easily made it just the skulls drop terror items… I mean who thought t this was a good idea? Who thought” oh no one will mind we are ruining the chance for regular anoinments?


Yeah, I mean I’m having fun with Bloody Harvest, but that’s 3 days in and it’s going to last six bloody weeks. They need to add an option to opt out of it asap.


I think GB is trying to be clever & take reference form games like path of exile, where every season/league, they have some theme that last the entire season.

Usually its about having some monsters popping out of no where to attack you when you are playing, often with uniques league only drops. they are usually hit & miss.

Some people may like it, & for people who already struggling, now its even worst. & obviously affect the loot pool.

Have to agree, this was bad timing to have the events overlap.