My FL4K build help

I like to build my character even before I start to play with them. I have heard the beast is bad so I focus on the stalker and the hunter trees. I’m wondering if the skill I pick is good or not, but mostly I don’t know which tree cap I should go with. The Hunter Capskill or the Starker Capskill. So please tell me what you think of this.

The power inside is better for bossing…if you can kill the boss within 15 seconds that is.

Megavore is better for mobbing and general gameplay

Always keep in mind you don’t have to go for a capstone skill. Sometimes, spreading the points evenly could give you better options. Just something to think about. It’s what I have been doing lately. That being said, personaly I prefer the Stalker capstone skill between the two.

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The best thing of BL3 is not really the capstone’s but the AS and boosts to go with it. There are some builds that never get to a capstone and make work of base level skills. Figure the play style in which you like and see the recommendations of players that closely relate. If you get bored of one, try another and see how you like it. Welcome to Fl4k and hope you find a good fit!

Edit: Just saw snow posted similar(heck yes!), and I am down the hunter tree!

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