My FL4K pet build. Need thoughts on it

With the new skill tree, I decided to try to make a build to puts the beast in Beastmaster. Please tell me what you think of the skills I choose for my FL4K

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I recommend trading Mutated Defense for Dominance. Dominance actually works well and you do not need the defense from Mutated Defense for the pet.

Wooly armor is not needed. You also don’t need Better Toys as you will refill shield with Fuzzy Math. Put points in Agility Training instead.

Have not used Lethal Force Authorized so can’t speak on that.

Lethal force is good, but if your pet is doing all the damage then it is pointless.

Also recommend Emphatic Rage over Endurance since the loader bot does not always do a good job keeping up with you.

Lethal Force gives your pet 1 free second wind, then kills it immediately next time it loses all it’s health, even when in Gamma. It’s the worst skill in the tree.

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