My Fl4k Pet Build

With so much talk about pets currenlty, decided to show the build I use for my Fl4k. Works relatively well for most areas


Very nice. I’ve gone a slightly different way for my own pet build, Blue and Red tree with a Deathless, 150/50 Rad anointment and enjoying all the perks of the red tree (checking red vs. green they have roughly equal pet damage but I really like Head Count, Two Fang and everything below that).

I notice you put some points in Go For The Eyes. How do you find it? For the longest time it was trash, but it should be better now. Also, do you know Rage and Recover got a significant update in the latest patch?

Go for the eyes isn’t too great from what I’ve been seeing. I’ve been messing with this build a bit here and there, and slowly thinking of getting rid of it for something else. What was updated about Rage and Recover?

It actually heals for what it says on the card now. Before it was a fraction of the percentage stated.

The effect will now be triple what it was before so provides substantial healing for Fl4k and pet if you can keep the kills going.

It sounds like I’ll probably stick without GFTE, I’m fine without it. If it sounded pretty good then I’d consider moving points to get it but I’d probably end up losing overall by going that route.

I’m currently going with this:

With decent shield stats and a Red Fang to give me a lot of damage reduction I can,
a) ignore having to go with health regen skills.
b) constantly use Shared Spirit (50% damage reduction).
c) go with the 50/150 anoint on all my weapons and have it constantly active.
d) take the action skill cooldown, pet damage, crit damage and all the sweet goodness in the Hunter tree.

So I think I’ll probably stick with that for the foreseeable. Just need to figure out the right pet now the Scorcher got taken down a notch.

Nice build. Is green blue combo actually viable now?!

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Green and Red give basically the same amount of pet damage (at least until Big Game starts scaling pet damage, in which case Red will give more), it’s just that you need to play far more conservatively with blue/green since you really need the full TPI bonus for yourself and pets. Also, not having megavore is really noticeable to your damage output.


Plus if you’re going Gamma Burst then TPI only lasts for a certain period of that. Rakks, however, could theoretically keep it going 24/7.


Well, might actually invest in it now then

That seems like a pretty solid build. Similar to what I was using before this, might have to mess around with it more


Sounds good. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

I went back to that build that was pretty much the same as yours but rather than sic em I got three points in go for the eyes, and switched to a deadeye classsmod that has two points in GFTE and three in fast and furrryous just to test something. When my pet hits something its first hit does like 1-2 M, its kinda neat

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This is pretty much what I run when I go GB except I pair it with a Front Loader / URad setup. I like that quite a bit. It is a little squishier, but the damage ceiling is higher.