My friend can't get quest rewards? (Spit screen OP4 playthrough)

My friend and I just unlocked some OP levels in Borderlands 2. As we restarted my UVHM playthrough we noticed he can’t get quest rewards we turn in. After some playing around we noticed his UVHM was still ahead of mine, so we simply just restarted his playthrough and restarted mine once more.

We did the first part of the playthrough again, UVHM/OP4 and it still gives him that notice that he finished mission in another session.

IIRC if your friend completed the quests either solo or in another person’s gaming session he won’t get it again unless he resets his play thru for UVHM- not just restarting the Peak…

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We both clicked “Reset” on UVHM when we tried this. After doing so both of our current missions if you highlight our profiles both say “Cleaning Up the Berg”.

Reset both playthroughs and log in solo before starting a multiplayer game.
Both of you need to log in then save and quit so the game can record your reset.
At least solved my problem when I had the same issue.

So both of us log into solo after we restart our playthroughs and then try it coop? Alright cool I’ll go and test that right now.

This worked! Man I was worried…the whole point of us doing OP playthroughs is so we can both get quest rewards too. Thanks again <3