My friend claims Alani is a Tank

So just as the title states, my friend is already screaming OP at this character saying that she’s more of a Tank than Boulder and Heals twice as better than Miko. What are your thoughts on this? I think she’s fine at the moment but also too soon to say anything about her just yet.

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She might be a slightly better controller than Montana cuz of all her knockback/knockup, but I really don’t see her tanking any time soon. I have spent most of my time playing her (PvE) kiting mobs while her skills are on cooldown and that’s with cooldown/healpower gear equiped.

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Typical knee jerk reaction to something new.


Yeah, I am still arguing with him about it and its getting out of hand lol

I was actually doing some sick damage on her in an incursion match just a moment ago. One of her mutations gives riptide a pretty sick DoT, stack that with the increased duration, and the water bolts reducing her CD’s, and she gets to be pretty sick. I don’t know about her being OP on tanking or healing so much, but she can take a hit, heal alright, and put out some damage if built right.

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Wasn’t there a bug involving her critical hits? That may be the problem, apparently hit critical hits are 3x the damage.

Could be, but I didn’t think I was critting all that much. My aim is not the best… ~_~ But still, it could have tilted the scales in my favor, I’m not sure.

Never thought 60~90 damage a hit was substantial, and its not like her riptide or geyser does a lot of damage.

Edit: Maybe since she is so “bursty” explains her damage output? I know I always go with her 0.5% cool down every hit and her ability seem to always be off cool down.

Made a clip on if you want to check that out real quick. Since it’s just a little one, not sure how much you’ll be able to get out of it, but there are lots of little ticks of 81 or so that seem to add up quickly, and granted, the whole team is pushing at this point.

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Well, she can 3v1 without a problem, so… Yeah. A tiny bit broken.

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She can sustain all day if you nibble at her. But she isn’t a tank, no. You have to be careful when pressuring her, because of her control, but if you can pressure when her skills are on cooldown or avoid her skills, she’s not tanky at all.

She does have modest burst potential, as others have pointed out.

She’s a little bit tanky but she can’t withstand a focus w/o using her skills for CC & escaping. If you can’t bring her down in an engagement she’ll just heal up pretty quick, but that’s most healers.


I 3v1 people on Miko and Shayne all the time. Not really a good comparison. I feel she’s not bad just really slow. Her skills are easy to avoid and her attacks have to be spot on since they have such small hit boxes. I get recked by Orendi more so then any other on Alani.

It’s her newness that people are not used too, the same true of any games new character releases.

I’m finding her more fun in story mission then pvp though. Not withstanding all the disconnected who wanted to play as her.

And win the 3v1? That’s… funny.
Even more considering Miko can’t sustain a 1v1 already. (Shayne, yes, maybe a bit more, but she won’t kill the 3 others. Maybe one, then bail.)
And i’m talking about peoples with the same skills, not “roflstomping”, just to make it clear.

I play dps Miko and Ranged Shayne if that helps.

There is never a situation of equal skill, it’s all about picking your fights and opportunity and knowing your enemy’s character skills. Then its easy to avoid their hard hitting ones.

Alani is just new, I find her very easy to beat since her skills are like in slow motion, she moves slow and her attacks are hard to hit you if your moving and not playing a huge character like Montana.

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Hah, ok whatever you think.
I’m not going to go off-topic with that statement, so… Really. Whatever you think is fine for me.

She is damn slow…even while sprinting.

I don’t believe she’s tanky, while she can heal herself she should really be focusing the heals on allies so they heal the most they can. Using the heals on yourself while helps you stay alive, doesn’t do ■■■■ if you get swarmed. If you attack an Alani from two differnet sides she needs to run, cause normally she isn’t able to handle it.

I wouldn’t say she’s a tank at all. More of an engagement control. While she CAN take damage, the wellspring only heals her for half of what you can heal a friendly.

But, if you outfit her gear and helix right, you can totally do some mad DPS with her. I didn’t think that was the case at first when using her as my first few games were more of a feeling out of what her abilities were and I was an assist machine. But, then I figured out a pretty decent DPS build that always keeps me in the fight.

Honestly yeah she is.
Hold the hate now.
She cam use a 500 self heal when she builds up stacks which she can build up quick.
Pop a geyser next to her another 360 heal.
Then use riptide get stacks just for standing in it another 500 heal.
Start attacking build up more stacks get geyser back with her op cooldown helix get riptide back and repeat.