My Friend is in the hospital and the Doctors haven't done anything but tell me to trust them

My friend is in the hospital.
It’s bad… might die, and even if everything goes well, might never be the same again.

There was an accident. Things got out of control. Things didn’t go as planned.
My friend was injured and so many things were wrong that they didn’t know how to proceed.
I’d like to know how my friend is doing, considering I paid the hospital bills so far.
But the Doctors only talk behind closed doors, afraid to tell me what is going on.
For fear i won’t understand. For fear that I will hold them to ridiculous demands and timelines.

What the Doctors don’t understand, is that I just care for my Friend. I want my friend to get better.
That is my priority. That is my concern. I fear for the life and well being of my friend.
Therefore I want to know what is going on, I want to know what surgery is planned and how and when.
I want to know the battleplan for getting my friend back on their feet.
I want to understand how we progress from here.
I mean, i did pay for the bills. I deserve to know what treatment I paid for.

But alas, the Doctors ask me to “trust them” and that information will be given “at the right time”.
But I’ve never dealt with these doctors before.
I have no history with them. They have earned no trust from me
and at this point, it almost feels like i’m at some shady back alley hospital,
where the well being of the patient isn’t the concern and they just want my money.

I didn’t really think this way until the Doctors suggested that while i wait for news, that i visit their gift shop.
Where i can buy funny toys and interesting clothes. But none of these things help my friend out.
They just distract from the actual issues that need to be dealt with, the life threatening ones.

I just don’t understand why the Devs, oops i mean doctors
don’t understand that I want this game to do well, i mean for my friend to get better.

oh well ok FINE
My friend is actually Battleborn
and i paid my $75 so tell me what my medical plan is already, i mean battleplan
my friend is in intensive care, you CANNOT distract me with skins and taunts…
… maybe after some bugs are fixed i’ll take a look.

edit: tl;dr
the point is, if this story was true, about a friend and some shady doctors
would you be ok with just waiting as your friend died?
or would you ask questions, demand answers? Like our community has done.

Would you be angry if it was suggested you check out the gift shop
and spend even more money instead of tending to your friend?
or would you rage at being asked for more money after no results? Like our community did TODAY.

I know it’s far fetched, but this sums up my experience perfectly.



EDIT: Sarcasm aside, the devs need to be more clear on what is included in the SP. As of today it kind of threw my whole assumption right out the window and I’m left wondering what I actually bought.


Good way of wording our concerns for the game and this marketplace fiasco :clap:

I can’t beat the dead horse more than what I already said about this. It’s a ■■■■■■ move, they dropped the price of the game, they are seeing the people playing less and less for a good number of reasons, not giving any info yet on the season pass content and the skins we all been waiting for now are a way to try to get more money from us (without giving us, the guys that paid upfront anything yet).

And they ask trust and say the game is gonna be awesome and we are gonna get a lot for what we paid. I already forgive Gearbox on the Aliens piece of turd of a game, they can’t ask more trust from me until they start to deliver.

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SP will include MORE skins and taunts - free for SP/DDE owners and probably unavailable for base game owners.

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I see what you’re trying to do there, but ITT HIPAA isn’t a thing I guess. I understand and to some degree share your frustration but just because you throw money at something doesn’t mean you have a right to instant unfettered access to information about that thing. Patience goes a long way.

Running with this doctor analogy, if your friend lost an arm in this complicated accident, don’t rail at the prosthetist trying to show you badass bionic arm models for not giving you information about your friend’s prostate cancer treatment status.


running with this still,
i would not get unfettered access to information even in this fantasy situation. Not asking for that.
what i would get, however, is at least some vague reassurances in the form of what is to come.
walk me thru how we get my friend back into health. help me understand the processes to come.
don’t shut me out, then all i have is my frustration, my despair and my friend’s health looming over me.

and above all, UPDATE ME
even on the smallest things.
“we have set the arm and stabilized the vitals for now, we are waiting to proceed on the next surgery”
^ wouldn’t be so farfetched to hear in my made up fantasy of an analogy

and even the next week,
“we are still discussing how to proceed with this tricky surgery, the wound is deep and could be risky”
^ is much better than silence followed by “… we got this, trust us”

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I would add that your neigbor is getting an identical treatment and might die as well, but he paid 40% less because he was in an accident 19 days later.


How true, it does feel that way doesn’t it?

so here i am, footing the bill
frustrated that my friend is dying

(and frustrated that i am paying more than the people who didn’t support the game at launch)

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Unfortunately, Doctors don’t update you until after the surgery, they failed to tell us they were headed to the OR, but they may already be there. That or the surgery is over, and they are just procrastinating giving us the bad news. I prefer to think they are still in the OR though.


I would change the analogy to a bus accident. Your friend was one of many who were hurt. They’ve clearly stabilized your friend, but it’s unclear where it will go for him from here. At the same time, 25 of the 30 people who were injured have been treated and you see are doing great.

So I get it, bb on pc is having difficulty with performance and player base. But just look at exactly how many fixes, changes, and balancing gbx has done in 1 month. It’s a large list. Enough to to trust them imo

Your comparing a real person dying and lack of human compassion on a horrible scale to game that is “not doing well”. Really?


no, this is a fun little metaphor
not a comparison

A metaphor is a figure of speech that refers to something as being the same as another thing
for rhetorical effect. It may provide clarity or identify hidden similarities between two ideas.

please don’t say this is a comparison
and i never said a real person was dying, nor even implied lack of compassion.
what i DID imply was lack of communication for fear of being held to promises.
and i also implied being squeezed for money…
during a time where more important things need to be taken care of

but yeah, please finish reading the entire post if you are going to comment on it.

yes, yes i am.
i even made a story out of it.

also you should fix “your” to “you’re” because it changes the meaning of the word
Heaven forbid that someone mistakes your words or intentions and posts about it


I am aware what a metaphor is, and I know the story was not real and implied no such thing. But I feel your metaphor is a bit on the extreme side. GBX have done a great job at communicating. They fix what they can when they can. DD/season pass holders will get everything they paid for. Anything else, especially cosmetic, should be paid for separate. They are a business, not a charity.

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You can shout as loud as you like trying to get an answer out of them. It’s not going to change what they can and cannot tell you. Even if they wanted to tell you there is stuff they cannot tell you. I imagine the staff are legally bound to keep quiet on many things until they are released to the public. If they were to tell you they could get into trouble. Again and again people have calmly and rationally explained to you the limitations that they are under and yet again you have ignored them and continue to yell and scream and shout for answers. Yes, I get it, you care about the game but at this point you are starting to look like a child throwing a tantrum and not an adult. Perhaps you need to step back for a bit and give yourself some time to center yourself so you can come back and look at this more rationally. It’s okay to care but don’t go overboard and let it cloud your judgement.


Yeah, they are a company not a charity but when something is shady, is shady.

I liked the way sasuga expressed this. He could be wrong, he could be right but when people chose those extreme metaphores they are showing a deeply care for the, in this case, product they are trying to protect and they want to be the best they could.

And right now, going for another metaphor, Battleborn is a child with a gun. Not only it shot its foot releasing the same month as Overwatch but not only nobody is taking the weapon from it but also it wants to shot again to learn if it still hurts.

Sure the devs fix things when they can and they are doing a good job, I don’t have a complain about that even when there are more things to take care. When I have a problem with communication is when something like this market fiasco raises.

How many threads there are about the T2 skins? How many people asking questions about them? And we get a sure straight answer? We knew they were coming only for money? Only soon, soon, soon… something that people waited, something that could make people grind, ergo play, so they can get them, they made an Evolve move and placed them behind a paywall.

I don’t have a problem with microtransactions, I said that a lot. I have a problem because they are selling something that was already in the game, they wanted to show them or not is another story, but was there, people saw them.

And they are doing it when they aren’t delivering yet not even info on the season pass… sure, we’ll get a lot, fluff and stories and whatever… Man, they could be respectful and a good company with us and give us at least info or a freaking two or three skins before hand from the season pass so we couldn’t feel like they were shitting in our money, pulling microtransactions in a full price with season pass game. But no, they ask trust and money, blind faith.

I feel like I purchased the game from the catholic church, not Gearbox.

[quote=“jjand302, post:10, topic:1513212”]
So I get it, bb on pc is having difficulty with performance and player base. But just look at exactly how many fixes, changes, and balancing gbx has done in 1 month. It’s a large list.[/quote]
Did it help with the issues you’ve mentioned? Partly, at best, it’s still not enough and player base is still decreasing.

There is another way to look at it they are selling the ones people have already seen and some people were not impressed with them, and they are giving the season pass holders ones that nobody has seen yet and are probably going to be better(maybe even T3 skins) I do agree that their communication on this specific issue wasn’t great I dont blame @JoeKGBX though he only says what he’s allowed to say.

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Have you seen today’s patch notes? They made a lot of big performance fixes for pc. And the rest I’d say yes it helped the player base. There were some game breaking things that were fixed and gbx was highly praised when they did. For example, sniper cheesing on overgrowth

I don’t blame mods or even devs on the lack of communication, I include Gearbox because is the visible face but it’s 2k and we all know it. Problem is that is gonna be bad on Gearbox part.

Here the problem is they didn’t show the skins on screens nor they say they were money only ones. The skins were in the game, in beta. Was their intention or not, they were there. I really hope the season pass ones are good and the taunts are fun, I hope to have at least info on the first dlc soon, but the way I’m seeing it, in a game with no new real content yet, dropping people like is the Titanic, they chose to take part of the game (the skins) and sell them, right now… after they already dropped the price of the game not taking into consideration not even with a ‘We are sorry’ for the full price owners, without even info on the season pass and with no progressing yet pass level 100 so the playerbase could have a carrot on a stick after reaching that mark.

Sure, they are addressing a lot of things with this patch and I’m grateful for those but the marketplace plans came in a bad moment, too soon and with a thing that should be part of the game (I don’t have problem with T3 skins being place for money)

I get why people are upset but from what I can tell they are just sticking to their original plan that was made before the game even released. That’s the impression I get anyway…except for the price drop I actually think that was them trying to get back at OW for basically ruining their release date(it didn’t work as planned)