My friend likes Borderlands, but he plays games offline mostly because he only has a modem for internet

I was trying to make the case that he would probably also like Battleborn. But would he be able to have a full experience worthy of his time/money? I think the answer is yes. Lots of characters to try and at least 9 story missions of likely varying time length. And the ability to earn more helix options and loot in order to improve your replays.

I’m assuming though that the game never requires you to be online unless you wanted to play multiplayer.

Someone also mentioned the possibility of bots for the vs mode at least. I could see those potentially being fun in the campaign missions too. Depends on whether they would function similar to useful human players.

If you’re wondering, he brings his computer over to my place in order to get large computer updates done.



Continuing the discussion from Game looks good please tell me theres an offline mode:

Battleborn’s campaign can be played offline from start to finish with up to 2 players on one screen. So your friend can experience all 25 characters either solo or with a friend via couch co-op.

As for the multiplayer, yes there are bot matches! You can play a multiplayer match with up to 9 bots to fill in both teams. However, I don’t know if you can play bot matches offline. I’d assume yes you can, but I’d like to summon the spirit of @Jythri to confirm.


This may be true for consoles but for pc I herd the opposite, don’t know if it was in an ask the devs video or somewhere else.(splitscreen is also only on consoles )
They sad the game needs a permanent internet connection to save your account level, items and stuff. (Redacted)
But I think you don’t need a very fast connection for that so a modem should be enough (what country still uses modems?)
If its worthy to buy just for the offline contend is for him to decide,but I think only the pvp part has the chance to enthuse for more than a month.

Country? USA. He lives in northern va. yea, he’s like the only guy we know with modem internet.

But the area here is expensive.

I asked that question and it got answered:
No, you need interner connection for everything. Reason is to prevent modifications, since singleplayer progress also impacts multiplayer.

Whether your intenet connection affects “single” modes isn’t clear imo.

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Even if he has a slow internet connection, so long as it is stable enough to stay connected to the servers he should be able to play singleplayer modes and such.

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So wait, this game DOES have bot matches?! I’ve been looking for confirmation for that everywhere but I cannot find it! Will bots choose random heroes or do you choose for them?

I have seen people playing the pvp maps solo with 9 bots, but I heard somewhere that you can’t add bots to the campaign mode, there the difficulty will be lowered if you play solo.

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After release I’ll look around here for people who have played it via modem. He already plays a bunch of stuff while online because steam achievement tracking seems to work better that way, for example. As long as he’s not trying to play online multiplayer he’s usually fine in most games he plays.

Good luck to him :slight_smile:

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