My game crash and everything is gone

Its crash . my PC show blue screen . When I enter again . its ask me to upload save file I not upload it since I start play around 5 hour ago . so I upload it and when I open game. my chapter is at " SO "
my char is not there . and its ask me for start new game ….

I panic . abit . In my mind . its np . If everything is I done in there can collasp by singe time of Crash .and cant be fix it. this game is not worth to play with .

So …. I have save file its just another folder in this NVME drive. and its working. but I forget back up yesterday so its send me back to starter at 10 hour ago my play time …

I happy . now I know how to fix it . before this issue happen . I not even dare to touch that folder or replace it . I just wanna tell everyone don’t forget back up your file. couz When its crash or bluescreen . its can make everything got wipe out . its all :<

nuuu my 1 day play time :'c . I just lose my atlas pink gun lego grade. I am not atlas customer but this gun is very suit me and nice fireing sound. this is bad :< …

don’t forget back up your file :0 . and before crash I play alone in cister of slaughter . at mayhem 1
so a wipe out issue is not came from multiplayer and crash . and even I open it to public always but no one join me :<


update . I think this save game is around 15hour ago …… cost its too many used gun and mod is not here … and its send me back to level 9 from 22 and my blue shard is only 798 from 1300
omg >O<

xo nu >_<
game wipe is real ! don’t forget back up your file

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