My game crashes about every 30 minutes

Hey everyone, I need your help.
Im playing BL2 with my girlfriend in Splitscreen and we`ve come pretty far. But as we patched to 1.15 (hey legendary drop rate increased!!) the problems started. Before that patch we had little problems, perhaps 1-2 crashes in 60 hours of play. With the new patch it seemed to occure more often, but it started to get nasty when we started in UVHM. Now it crashes nearly every 30 minutes. And with crash i mean, the whole game and ps3 freezes, so i have to power off and start the PS again. We really had problems to kill Flynt, not because he is that hard (well in UVHM nearly everything is hard), but the game crashes while the fight with him and we had to start over again down in Southern Shelf, what killed nearly every fun.

I tried to delete all the additional content and reinstall, well with that we accomplished Flynt but the crash occured a bit later, so it stays. So the game has become unplayable and we`d love to play through the UVHM, so i hope anyone can help.



First of all, english is not my first language so please excuse my mistakes while writing.

My friend and I have this exact same problem. Back in the day we played through BL2 (vanilla) in split screen with no problems until we stopped playing aproximately a year ago. We got some ocassional freezes, but they were very rare and happen with other games too, so that wasn’t a BL2 issue.

Now we have purchased the ultimate edition that was on sale a couple of weeks ago and started playing on uvhm. The game keeps freezing every 30 minutes more or less and completely locks down the ps3 so we have to shut it down. These freezes don’t happen during specially laggy events, most of the times it happens while navigating or closing the menu, so the game has become unplayable because we must keep playing the same portion of the game hoping it won’t freeze before we can complete it. So far we have managed to advance to the point we must rescue Lilith, but we can’t get past this. Once we finish killing the enemies the game will freeze either if we turn in the mission or open the menu.

We have tried playing with different characters and that doesn’t change anything. We still haven’t tried playing on normal and see if it’s a problem with uvhm, i’ll edit this once we do

Hope someone can help us because we really like this game.
Thank you in advance

Edit: I will add some things I forgot to mention and some other things we have tried:
- When I wrote the post we were playing a physical copy of the game. Now we have downloaded the digital version from the store. Freezes still happen, but it seems it takes a bit longer for them to happen.
- We have tried logging in and off the psn before launching the game. That doesn’t change anything
- The characters we are using were created before installing the latest patch
- We have created new characters and started a game in normal mode. No freezes. So either something is wrong with uvhm or with characters created before the patch


Recently I’ve contacted 2K about that issue, and the only advice I get is to erase the so-called cache file of the game.

You can find it in the ‘Game Data Utility’, and under information it should state nothing. If it says profiles or one of the character names, you’ve picked the wrong directory, and you better not erase anything there.
It may improve gameplay…less game freezes, but in the end you still need to be cautious - like both players shouldn’t
go into the menu at the same time (at the start no problem), in combat you shouldn’t go into the menu.

It’s hard to believe, that even on the Playstation 4 the game freezes occur on splitscreen. It’s such a nice feature,
that I wished I could put more RAM into the playstation 3.


Didn’t worked for us, so we got back to TVHM. With that, the game has no problem. Pretty sad - nearly no XP and enemies are way too easy, but that’s the only way to still enjoy that masterpiece.

EDIT: Even in that mode, we excperience these problemes, but far not in the frequency like in UVHM.


Hi guys!
First of all, sorry for my english!
I have the same exact problema and I’ve contactted the support team many times and obviously they told me all things you have mentioned above. But still no changes. The game especially in UVHM, continue freezing.
Do you think is there gonna be a way that 2K improves the gameplay or resolve this problem?