My game crashes when i try to play Fl4k

So when i try to play fl4k on the new dlc, my game crashes right after it loads. So i created a new Moze character and i have no issues playing. Really weird. Updated my drivers, reainstalled the game, verified the files, nothing works. Any ideas, guys? Thanks

Smells like a corrupted save file (if the game otherwise works and a new/other character is fine). Is FL4K your only character (besides your new Moze)?

yeah, fl4k is my only other character. any ideas on how to fix this? thanks, appreciated

its probably not this as i have no corrupted file in my saved games directory

How about creating a new Fl4k, powerleveling them (or letting them be powerleveled) to 53 (or whatever your current level is) and then just switch the gear over? That would mean a full restart of your playthrough, but maybe that would fix the issue. You could test pretty early on if the DLC works for the new Fl4k (basically, just start a new game, get to the DLC and if that works, the new Fl4k might be worth getting leveled up).

i did it create another fl4k and playing with no issues. what is the best way to powerlevel?

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If you could find someone farming Graveward or any other good mobbing areas on mayhem 4 to join it doesn’t take long at all really. As far as solo goes you’d have to work your way to sanctuary and get to at least mayhem one if possible being you have finished the campaign. And mob high density areas when you get there. Cistern of slaughter is great When you get there. Athenas isn’t bad and doesn’t have anointed spawns when you get there. I think areas level with you on mayhem as well but I may be wrong on the initial playthrough.

got to the point where it crashes with the higher lvl fl4k and it crashed again. its in the new new dlc, it crashes when i try to enter the impound deluxe map. so annoying.