My Game Doesn't Want To Start?

I got the Super Deluxe Edition of Borderlands 3, came back home, popped the game in, redeemed my codes, waited for it to finish, and when I went to launch the game, it says that the game took too long to start. I’ve tried restarting my Xbox, Deleting and redownloading, seeing if anyone else has the same problems, and I don’t know why this is happening. Can someone help?

same issue here … could start it “once” and never again. How on earth can you release a game with an issue like this???

Same thing happening to me the game refuses to start.

I persisted on trying to start the game up and then I eventually was able to play. Luckily with none of the other bugs people have been talking about. I forgot to post this earlier cause I was playing the game.

This happened to me as well with the download edition of the game. Reinstalled the game, and it is still giving the 0x8027025a when trying to launch. This error includes “game took to long to start.”

This is a very peculiar problem, and definitely one worth note.

I would suggest you put a ticket in via the ZenDesk as that not only helps get a response, but also may lead to a much quicker answer collectively via the information given.

Thanks for the zendesk notification. On a side note, the Gearbox Support system is utter garbage: the account is different from the forums and also different from the 2K support pages which it in the end forwards you to. So I created a ticket in the GB zen support but I can not see it. Awesome

Do you have power saving mode turned off on your Xbox? Try holding the Home button on the controller and selecting “restart console”. Then try to open Borderlands