My game freeze every 20 minutes

Hello !
Firstly excuse my english
I just started the game today and he freezed 20 times in 3 hours :frowning:
i erased the compatibility pack and i cleared the system cache of my Xbox 360.
My brother have no problem with the the same game but he did the same operation on her xbox 360 and we re-downloaded the compatibility pack.
The game always freeze
I moved the borderlands pre sequel files on a memory card but the game always freeze
My game is a unused game and i don’t understand, please help me !!!
I finished Borderlands 1 and 2 and I had some similar problems but i had to solve, here i don’t find, i’m very sad
Please help me
Excuse my english
Thank you in advance

Do remember what was happening when the game froze? Was it always at the same point in the game (such as loading a particular map), or does it happen randomly?

Also you mentioned your brother has the game - any chance you can borrow his disk just to double-check if it’s your disk or something else?

The game does stutter if there are a lot of effects triggering at the same time (especially cryo effects), but I’ve only had my game freeze solid once.

It’s ok my game had read disc error.
I installed it and it’s perfect, never freeze
Thank you everybody

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Glad you got it fixed - enjoy the game!