My game has been constantly crashing since launch

My game will crash anywhere between 1 minute to 1 hour into playing. Sometimes I get lucky and will get over an hour before crashing, but that’s rare. It’s usually less than 30 minutes every time. I’m not sure if my PC just sucks or whether it’s a problem with the game itself. I am running an i5 4690K, RTX 2070, 8GB RAM. Could it be a lack of RAM that’s causing the problem? When I have MSI afterburner running it shows that RAM usage is between 5.9 - 6.9GB. I have no other applications running when I play the game because I know it will just eat up my already limited resources. Can someone give me any advice on what I should do? I’ve tried reinstalling the game about 6 times, but it hasn’t helped. Is anyone else having similar problems?

Provide as much info about the crash, like just crash to desktop

It’s usually two things: the game will either freeze and I can’t move or get out of the game. The other is when it just straight up crashes and I get the little Unreal engine crash report thing, and it asks whether I want to go back to default settings. It’s been one or the other since launch.

Gotcha - and only because I had this exact problem, try under clocking your RAM in the BIOS. I was having all theses weird crashes and until I got my RAM replaced I was able to play all day

Mine was supposed to DDR4 3000 & I had to drop down to 2400

Okay I’ll try that.

I also increased my page file but that was from a BSOD page fault error, but you haven’t seen any of those

Hope something helps, I’m headed to bed - GL