My game is different of my friend's game (ingame mechanics)

Hello here!

Since the release of the game, I’ve discovered a strange thing which my friend doesn’t have.
I open a red chest. When I leave the game and run it again, the red chest stays opened. Even after 2 hours after switching off the PS4. It is like it saves that.

For my friend: he just needs to leave the playthrough and reload it to refresh the red chest.

Recently, we played slaughters in normal mode during the playthrough. When we had finished, I turned in to the NPC. That increased my level by 2 but my mate stays at his current level. That happened twice and now I’ve 4 levels over my friend.
The first time it was 43 to 45. My friend stays at 43.
The second time it was 50 to 52. My friend stays at 48
We still have the Maliwan slaughter to do. I’ll record and upload if it happens again.

Edit : the same thing happen again >

The chest thing is a known bug and is random as far as I know, I have a couple characters that the chests stay open and a couple that they reset.

The leveling is odd to me, I think it’s something weird on your end (545,225 is a huge amount of exp).

I’m unlucky then. I’ve 3 characters and the chest bug on all three.
The 545,225 exp is huge and gotten twice.

Hi, can you check a few things ?

  1. Have you reliably installed all updates/hotfixes ?
  2. Watch your gear closer, some items have a passive xp boost.

1.I can’t play online if my game isn’t updated right?
2.I’ve checked that in case. Even in the build. But nothing that gives an exp boost. Plus the only item I know which gives an exp boost is an artifact and the boost is very low (around 10%).

If that may help, my friend bought the normal version of the game. I bought the Super Deluxe version. But as far as I know, that only gives some gear and season pass.

There’s an item you get in the mail that boosts XP if equipped, but iirc it levels out pretty quickly.

One thing that isn’t clear from your OP is whether the XP bumps were just for handing the mission in, or including all XP earned during the mission itself. I believe players earn different amounts of XP per kill depending on who delivered the killing shot.

The host’s game mode - coopetition or cooperation - would also make a difference to the amount of XP each player earned. In coopetition, I believe the enemy scaling would be based on the host’s level for both players, so a lower level character should actually get more XP. In cooperation mode, the enemies are scaled individually for each player, so the boost for killing over-levelled enemies wouldn’t apply.

There’s an item you get in the mail that boosts XP if equipped, but iirc it levels out pretty quickly.

Oh! I remember it. It is a shield and the bonus is level out after level 10 (and I got that shield at level 60 ^^’)

I’m not sure to well understand what you mean. If it can be more clear:

  • we played cooperation mode and I’m the host.
  • during the slaughter, we earned some XP and increased levels (perhaps 1 or 2)
  • during the first slaughter, we had the same level until the end (and before handing in the mission)
  • the XP bump is only for handing the mission in (like in the video above)