My game isn't working and I tried everything

I recently got back from a trip to disney and I got back and decided to play some borderlands remastered.

I had never really liked bl1 due to fov and low quality graphics and poor menus, which all got fixed.

So I had gotten my first character to level 69 before vacation and I wanted to work on farming for my first pearl.

BUT, I keep getting the error “Initialization error. Please ensure the game files have not been corrupted or moved”

I tried verifying the integrity of game files, nothing, uninstall and reinstall, nothing.

I’m at my whits end and I don’t want to wipe my drive and redownload everything on my pc, any advice?

I’m guessing you’re running on Windows? Was there a system update while you were away?

Tried looking for system updates, nothing, its only the remastered too. So I can play normal BL1 without any of the new peripherals which I live for.

Thanks for trying though :slight_smile:

Got you moved to the right section. Can you start the game by by-passing the launcher and running the .exe directly?